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The Rolls-Royce of tea

5601062881323283914发表于 5月 13, 2014

If I could only drink one tea for the rest of my life it would have to be Jasmine Pearl. It has a nose that is floral but not overwhelming and a delicate flavor that rolls around in my mouth like it belongs there. Caffeine is light, so I can resteep the pearls 2-3 times without getting wound up. I have found that Rishi does a poor job with the steeping instructions on their packages; this one suggests you use far too much- I recommend 6 pearls per 8oz cup (18 pearls for my 24 oz pot plus an extra pearl for love). I keep going back and forth between the Rishi offered here and Tao of Tea version of the same thing. They're slightly different and both are glorious. Drop everything and try this tea!


Wonderful Pearl Tea

Reviewer2471600发表于 7月 08, 2014

I have my questions as to how "organic" this tea is, but, still, it has a wonderful flavor. It is not from Japan, but from China, where Jasmine Pearl tea is readily available. Having lived in China for many years, I know that "organic" tea farming is not really monitored to the degree we expect here in the West. However, that said, it's best to wash the pearls with a bit of hot water before letting them steep fully. You may lose a bit of flavor in doing this, but the second cup of tea is always the best anyway.


Tasty Jasmine Tea!

BeckySue发表于 3月 17, 2015

I appreciate that this tea is USDA Organic. This tea has tender tea leaves, is hand-rolled and is deeply infused with the sweet aroma of jasmine blossoms.


Absolutely the best tea

5290446177300338851发表于 12月 10, 2014

I am a connoisseur of green tea and I love it. This is absolutely the best. It makes other green teas taste like dish water. All Rishi teas are superb.


Small packet

Suziesue发表于 4月 27, 2014

Quite expensive, but a very aromatic and deliciously comforting tea. I prefer the Tao of Tea's brand of jasmine pearl tea.


Rishi Jasmine Pearl Tea

Reviewer1623137发表于 8月 28, 2014

A stunning, beautiful tea. A quality flavour above the rest. A pleasure and delight to savour this jasmine green tea.



bobbienorthern发表于 4月 24, 2015

the aroma of this tea smells like flowers in the spring time and has such a delicate and sweet different taste and I really enjoy the taste very much. Yes I will continue to buy this tea.


The Most AMAZING Green Tea I have ever tasted

5349207425113759649发表于 8月 31, 2015

The taste of this tea is beyond my expectations. I was in search of a high quality tea and after tasting this, I don't feel the need to try any other. The Jasmine is a perfect addition, not over-bearing, neither is the tea bitter. Its a beautiful tea. Thank you very much


Great Tea

5250485101896351114发表于 9月 02, 2015

Excellent Tea! Fresh and soft flavor. Fragrant. Aroma transports you to a peaceful place.



Reviewer3053733发表于 10月 26, 2015

This tea is very fragrant, so a little bit goes a long way. The first time I used it, I found the scent too pungent. Now I use it as an "enhancer" to other Chinese teas: I drop in about three pearls with other tea leaves, and get a smooth, lively, but not overpowering tea. The strong jasmine scent makes this tea ideal for making jasmine syrup as well.


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