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Reviewer3359969发表于 Aug 28, 2010

This is a great alternate to mink oil. I have heard great things about mink oil but I can't stand the idea of some little animal suffering just for the sake of my vanity. Soooooo I found that this sea buckthorn oil has the same ingredient and the mink oil and if fact it have more of it! It seems to have reduced the fine lines around my eyes.


Wonderful product

Reviewer3136005发表于 Sep 05, 2010

First of all, iherb.com is the best. I ordered at 12 p.m. on Friday, my order was shipped out at 4 p.m., and I received it on Saturday. This is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. As for the product, it is worth every penny. It makes my skin soft, shrinks my pores, and my face FEELS like it is being fed! The smell is just like any other natural oil smell. There is an orange tint to the oil but that is common sense why it is like that (made from the seed and some of the ORANGE berry pulp:) I love what this company stands for; fair trade, organic ingredients, efficient packaging and it's cruelty-free.



Reviewer2078384发表于 Sep 21, 2010

Very high quality oil, reasonable price. Some reduction of Rosacea redness in a few weeks. Speeds healing of acne.


Sibu Beauty, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, 10 ml

Reviewer1706757发表于 Jun 24, 2011

I purchased the Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil after reading reviews that it can be used to treat the skin disorder eczema. I have used this product regularly for approximately one month now and have had very good results already. It has helped by reducing the itchying and red bumps/sores on my skin very much. I would recommend this to others who suffer with this skin disorder. Good product. The service from iHerb is also very good and prompt.


Works well!

Reviewer2547176发表于 Feb 07, 2012

I bought this product after reading anecdotal evidence on the web that it helps rosacea. I've had a patch of rosacea on the tip of my nose for about 10 years, and it will flare up from time to time. Sun exposure and any kind of facial scrub are two definite culprits. I was hoping the sea buckthorn oil would help with the breakouts, but I was not expecting it to reduce the constant redness because I had read that it was a result of damaged capillaries. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the redness fading after just a few days! It is so nice to be able to go out without putting concealer on my nose. Two warnings: the bottle is tiny, but really you don't need much. And the smell takes a little getting used to. But I don't mind it because this stuff works so well, and I would rather have the smell than have it masked by some awful added perfume. Do give it a try!



Reviewer2358395发表于 Jun 28, 2012

I can't say enough about this tiny miracle! I never had acne as a teen, but menopause brought it on so I thought I would try Sea buckthorn seed Oil. It seems to heal blemishes fast! But the big miracle was when I discovered my Rosacea disappearing! I was diagnosed with rosacea a few years ago and tried the Rx meds and topical gel my Dr prescribed,to no avail. After I started using Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil my Rosacea went away and now I use it everyday and have had no new breakouts..the real surprise was a broken capillary that all but vanished after several months of use. It has several other uses too, but for me controlling my rosacea is enough. I never let myself run out..truly saved my skin!


Sibu products are great- make them more available

Reviewer1169590发表于 Sep 26, 2010

Thanks iHerb for shipping Sibu products to Australia- it's impossible to get here otherwise. Please keep the stock up and get larger bottles than just 10ml


what a surprise

Reviewer1301993发表于 Nov 03, 2010

I have had problems with my skin during cold weather (rosacea and perioral dermatitis) but when usisng this they have disappeared!



Reviewer3245918发表于 Nov 18, 2010

I have eczema on my hands and this product has turned red, dry, flaky, irritated skin into smooth, normal skin. Very happy with this product. It is oily, so I try to put it on when I'm not about to use my hands too much, or at work i use it then wear powdered gloves to keep it protected, and at home, before I sleep. Very good product, and great value for price!


it's really good.

Reviewer2737054发表于 Feb 24, 2011

I was a little worried when I bought this, if it makes me break out. But I'm really satisfied with this because it makes my skin tone even and brightened. I'll keep buying it.


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