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Reviewer3157414发表于 11月 18, 2012

These little sunflower seed snacks are great! They're salty and crunchy with less fat than nuts.



DeanaS发表于 12月 07, 2012

This will be a reorder for sure. Good flavor.


Healthy addiction!

4733230339124653602发表于 11月 21, 2013

I first sampled Somersaults at Costco and boy did I get hooked! My local Costco doesn't carry them anymore so I buy a monthly supply from iHerb. I said I was hooked! In fact, I need to control my portion otherwise I'd eat the whole bag on my way home from work. I find snacking on them on the drive home after work prevents me from pigging out on junk food as I prepare dinner. Give them a try!


Best snack ever

5177086184204458535发表于 1月 10, 2014

Perfect blend of sunflower seeds, salt, and crunch. Hard to stop eating them.


Really easy snack!

5332412877064166112发表于 3月 28, 2014

I love the texture, the feeling of fullness after eating them, and the great energy they give me. They are much better than pretzels if you want something that truly make you feel full. I like it because the complex carbs and fats keep my blood sugar in check for hours. A truly satiating snack.


Addictive snack!!!

4932456945114427755发表于 4月 07, 2014

These snacks were an introduction product at our local food warehouse store. I purchased one bag and was hooked! I returned to the store and purchased the two remaining bags. These crunchy, nutty and slightly salty little snacks have replaced every other snack item in my pantry. I carry them in the car when I don't have time for lunch and I keep them at my work desk when the craving for something crunchy creeps upon me. Unfortunately, this item is not available anywhere in my city and iherb.com was the most competitive in pricing and shipping. They are on the spendy side compared to other snacks but more nutritious in the long run. I have tried the pepper flavored somersaults but was not what I was expecting. They didn't really have the peppery flavor I was expecting. Overall, the Sea Salt snacks will be my my pantry for as long as I am able to order them!


Great Product, Great Price, Great Service

4829301476054275896发表于 7月 06, 2014

What more could I say? Always on time or early, always fresh and friendly when interaction is needed. One of the best companies to buy from on the web


Really delicious, crunchy nuggets.

5745211695320728391发表于 7月 04, 2016

One of my favourite snacks. They're super yummy. If you don't like adding salt to your food this will be too salty for you. Second best flavour out of the 4 flavours. This would be great in a trail mix. Found the sweet versions a bit strange. Crunchy and the sunflower seeds give it a nice little nutty touch.


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