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Betaine HCL w/Pepsin

Reviewer2558795发表于 Feb 19, 2008

If you have a problem with stomach acid, or maybe your nails or hair don't grow well then you may want to try this product. For many years I couldn't donate blood because my iron was too low-that was with taking iron tablets. When I started the HCL not only did I stop the iron tablets but I could donate blood again and my fingernails grew for the first time in my life-no cracking peeling or chipping. When my iron got low again many years later I knew it was time to up the dosage again.



Reviewer3161256发表于 Jan 30, 2008

taken immediately after every meal has done away with digestion problems and has helped my husband's asthma. wouldn't be without HCL!


Good Product! Easy on the tummy.

Reviewer2358885发表于 Apr 21, 2008

I have now used this for a month and I must say it is really easy on the stomach but still does the job. I find I do very well on the paticular brand and will buy it again!


Made things worse for me

Reviewer1733310发表于 Aug 02, 2010

I had good results with omeprazol in the past to fight my GERD but I thought I would try something more natural (if Betaine HCl can be called natural): alas not only did it not improve my condition, it made it worse ! Whenever I take one of this caps, my GERD wakes up. When I stop taking it, my GERD slows down. I will search for a better alternative...


Amazing Result!!!

Reviewer1212021发表于 Oct 23, 2008

I can't believe it! For almost 4 months, I was suffering from reflux (GERD), and nothing was helping! Until Betaine HCL. I take it with every meal, and now, all my symptoms are gone! Thank you so much!!!


Love it...

Reviewer2287332发表于 Feb 16, 2009

Helped me with acid reflux!!!


Great for digestion

Reviewer3032627发表于 Feb 16, 2011

Most people think that they have excess stomach acid but in fact the opposite is true! As we get older our stomach acid reduces and we don't digest our food properly especially protein. Betaine HCI is great and I have been feeling much better since taking this supplement. Be warned though you must have a protein based meal with this tablet otherwise you may be uncomfortable.



Reviewer3029383发表于 Jul 14, 2010

I was taking Apple Cidar Vinegar to help with my digestion but am now on the Blood Type Diet and vinegar is not good for me. I don't seem to need as much Betaine HCI as I did vinegar to do the job.


Great Help

Reviewer1913829发表于 Dec 27, 2008

This has been a great help. Greatly reduced that bloating feeling after meals... even if have been using only half a tablet at this point.


HCL and acid reflux

Reviewer1335199发表于 Mar 02, 2012

Prior to taking four Source Naturals betaine HCL tablets daily I suffered frequently from acid reflux, which finally resulted in a case of GERD. Having increased my stomach acid with the betaine HCL I now do not suffer from that problem any more.


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