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Beware of taking NAC or Glutathione with chemo

Reviewer2790734发表于 2月 28, 2008

NAC and L-Glutathione may decrease the anti-cancer effects of: Carboplatin, Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), Doxorubicin (Adriamycin), Ifosfamide. (Ref: Definitve Guide to Cancer, 2nd edition, by Lise Alschuler ND and Karolyn A. Gazella)


Chemical sensitivities helped

Reviewer1599966发表于 2月 09, 2013

Chem-Defense has helped my chemical sensitivities. I take it on an as needed basis plus a couple of other times a week. If I remember to take before shopping at a store, I often have no symptoms (headache, overwhelming fatigue, nausea, etc) or much reduced symptoms with a quicker recovery time. I have even forgotten to take it before going to shop and then taken it when I got home and my recovery was expedited. It's true the taste isn't great, but it's tolerable for me since it works so well in reducing debilitating symptoms. Be sure to allow it to dissolve slowly under the tongue. It's designed to absorb through the tissues under the tongue. Much of the benefit is lost if it is chewed.


good for detox

Reviewer1010984发表于 4月 29, 2011

easy way to remove the acetlyaldehde due to candida


Good alternative. Too bad about the taste

Reviewer1122052发表于 7月 05, 2011

It was a good try for a sublingual form of gluthathoine and the price of the product is also very reasonable. Unfortunately, the tart taste of the gluthathoine is still over powering for me and the peppermint flavour hasn't been able to mask it well enough. Aside from that, if others are able to tolerate the taste, this is a very good alternative for consuming gluthathione. As we know it's poorly absorbed in the digestive tract so gluthanione in capsule or pill form will unlikely work. If you can't afford intravenous glutathione injections, or would rather not take NAC, then sublingual seems to be the only way left.



Reviewer1820646发表于 10月 12, 2010

I was so thankful to find this product. I am allergic to mold and most of the time I just take one of these sublinquel tablets and it really helps me. At times it will completely remove my symptoms.


Bad reaction

Reviewer1993634发表于 12月 10, 2008

I couldn't tolerate this. I became very shaky and suffered severe low blood sugar as a result. I am not saying it is a bad product, it just wasn't the product for me!


Chem Defense

Reviewer1372860发表于 7月 27, 2010

This product is a life saver for me. Due to IBS my body doesn't detox well so using this really helps. I prefer the peppermint to the orange both for taste and the fact that peppermint is soothes and relaxes the stomach and colon.


Really like!

Reviewer3050558发表于 3月 28, 2011

I really like these. Tastes great, not sugary. I have chemical sensitivities. This seemed to help the one time I've used it. Will keep using to fend off chemical/perfume assaults!


Taste is just nasty!

PurplePegasus发表于 5月 21, 2012

It tastes more of orange than peppermint and it is just an awful, bitter taste. I tend to crunch it to make it go down faster, it's really terrible! I have no idea if it does anything. I have MCS and bought it to see if it helps with toxic chemical attacks wafting from neighbors but the truth is, every time that has happened I get so angry and irritable and panicked all at the same time that I forget to take this! I also read that molybdenum is supposed to help the liver so trying to take this daily to further help my liver detox.


taste good

Reviewer3256810发表于 5月 27, 2011

very effective because it is sublingual


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