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Good Quality

Reviewer2944504发表于 10月 11, 2007

All of the Source Naturals products seem to be very good. I have been using the Evening Primrose Oil in connection with hair loss related to a thyroid disorder. It seems to be helping.


Stop hot flashes and get dewey skin

Reviewer3051020发表于 12月 17, 2007

Not only does this product stop the hot flashes but it has given me a better quality to my skin than I've ever known! People actually comment on the fresh youthful look of my skin at the age of 55!


Evening Primrose Oil

Reviewer1816328发表于 3月 05, 2008

This product has truly helped control my hot flashes and the herb was recommended by my gynocologist! The softgels are big, so if you have trouble swallowing pills you might want to try a smaller milligram and just take two.


I Like it So Far!

Reviewer2862637发表于 8月 01, 2009

Although I'm taking an herbal supplement for my hypothyroid symptoms (with my endocrinologist's approval) I still have trouble with thinning hair, eyebrows and eyelashes; after reading several articles on the benefits of taking EPO I selected Source Naturals on the suggestion of a thyroid information website; in the three months I've been taking EPO my eyelashes look fuller, my eyebrows are filling in and my hair feels thicker, even keloid acne scars I've had for years feel softer; I havent't experienced any adverse effects, and, despite their size they are not hard to swallow!


Source Naturals, Evening Primrose Oil, 1350mg

Reviewer2739675发表于 11月 18, 2009

I love this product. I have been using this product for a short period of time an have notice great changes in my skin, and hair. I have hypothyroidism and at the beginning my hair was thinning, but I have noticed some soft hairs starting to grow back around the roots and I love it. Great product, happy I found it.


Working product!

Reviewer2214905发表于 5月 06, 2010

Hair around my hairline started growing in about 3 days. Skin and body tissue tone is increasingly strengthing and straightening out, for me noticeable in about one week. Gum tissue around my teeth has improved and my teeth are straightening more. Joints in my feet are less swollen, more plyable, bone is able to straighten out. The obvious improvements indicate overall health improvement and a needed addition to my diet. I had my left thyroid removed due to an injury and have hypo thyroid. My quality of life has very much improved. Thank you very much!


Great product!

Reviewer1342993发表于 5月 12, 2008

My oncologist recommend this for fibroids, pms and lumpy bumpy breasts... The symptoms I had been experiencing have reduced greatly and I have been able to avoid taking hormones to control my problems. I love this product and will keep taking it!


Hair loss of MS patient

Reviewer2763607发表于 3月 30, 2009

Patient had clumps of hair loss due to her advanced progressive secondary stage of MS. Using L-Lysine and Evening Primrose oil from Source Naturals for less than 1 month has stopped the loss of hair and new hair has begun to grow.


Love it!

Reviewer1344943发表于 3月 03, 2009

It arrived very fast. I really like it as I had some dry skin issues that appear to be resolved after less than a month. Reason for purchase was hair loss due to thyroid issues. That will take a while to see results but other problems have been resolved. Will definitely purchase again!


Great Product

Reviewer2021122发表于 6月 23, 2009

I use this product to help with thyroid issues. It helped me with the sympton of hair loss. I will never be without it and iherb has the best price.


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