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Help to sleep easier and sleep longer. Waking up with a fresh and clear mind.

Somtit发表于 Jun 30, 2012

GABA is an amino acid produced in the process. decarboxylation of amino acids (glutamic acid) acid is a key role in acting as a neurotransmitter. (Neurotransmitter) in the central nervous system. In addition, GABA is a neurotransmitter of inhibitor (inhibitor) is served to balance in the brain that are stimulated, which helps the brain to relax and sleep. It also serves to stimulate the endocrine glands (anterior pituitary), which produces hormones that help in the growth (HGH), causing the tissue. The muscles were tight and lipotropic agent which prevents accumulation of fat. Consumption of GABA can prevent brain damage. The beta amyloid peptide. (Beta-amyloid peptide), which causes loss of memory (Al Palmer) in the medical use of GABA for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system and various diseases such as anxiety, insomnia patients. epilepsy. How to eat it. Of the normal sleep is difficult. And are sensitive to sound. But after I tasted it. I sleep easier. And sleep longer. Waking up with a fresh and clear mind.


Did not work for me

NBPT100发表于 Apr 16, 2013

Gaba does not easily cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) so it is usually inneffective for most people. I give it two stars only becasue you can get it as a free sample from iHerb and try it. It it works for you great. Some people feel the "Pharma Gaba" form of GABA is more effective at crossing the BBB. You may also try before throwing in the towel. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iHerb home page by clicking on my handle name above. There you can read my other value added reviews. Peace and good health.



Reviewer2842299发表于 Sep 08, 2012

I like the calming effect this product gives without making you drowsy. I will order this product again.



healthandlongevity发表于 Jan 08, 2013

At first, the first sublingual tablet I took, sometime in the early afternoon, made me seriously moody or more like very low, by the late evening. However, the next try was just before bead, I definitely felt relaxed, almost too much (lacking motivation for anything), good thing I was just about to sleep and I did slept well. Felt great in the morning. In all, this GABA supp. is effective, the question is, what effect you are looking for and what your needs are.


works well

FancyBeauty发表于 Jul 07, 2012

Good supplement. Relaxes the muscles and the mind. Helps to fall asleep more easy and faster. Makes my sleep more deeper and healthier.


Ignore this rating...

MikeMember发表于 Oct 28, 2012

l haven't used it yet, but l'm forced to write something in order to be able to rate the products l have used... stupid new system.


helps with sleep and anxiety

nutranut发表于 Jun 02, 2013

I have had problems with insomnia for years. Melantonin sometimes helps me to get to sleep but I wake up frequently. I have tried a number of things, but they are of limited use. This seems to help so far, but it is too soon to tell if it will do the trick. However, my daughter uses it and says it helps with stress and anxiety.


Oops I did it again

FEED-ME-MORE发表于 May 20, 2013

Oops I did it again and took freebie with bad ingredients. How could I be such absent-minded? Overall Gaba is very good, but only in pure form!!! "Sorbitol - also may aggravate irritable bowel syndrome,[14] and similar gastrointestinal conditions, resulting in severe abdominal pain for those affected, even from small amounts ingested." "Mannitol - is contraindicated in patients with anuria and congestive heart failure."


This works better than anything this far!

sweetheart发表于 Jul 23, 2012

GABA actually seems to work for me! Usually I don't see any difference in my mood or feeling when trying different supplements (and I have tried many!) but GABA is different. It makes my sleep better and I have interesting and vivid dreams. It helps daytime if I need to do something that usually makes me anxious or nervous. At the time I use Now foods GABA powder, which I like more because it has no fillers at all. Phosphatidyl serine seemed to work too but it's quite expensive.


Helps with anxiety.

Reviewer2583260发表于 Jun 13, 2012

There are many great products to try. I`ve learned so much in self healing. My only problem is looking for one particular item and having to go thru 12 pages of non relevant items. Iherb is still the BEST!


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