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Reviewer2494963发表于 10月 31, 2008

I have sinusitis pretty regularly. We have lots of dust in Arizona and I picked up a sinus infection last March. The infection ignored two antibiotics. I purchase this product based on a study by the Mayo Clinic that most sinus infections are fungal in nature and antibotics would not work. I have used collidal silver in soap form for other fungus problems and thought this product was worth a try. I have always been pleased with Source Natural products so I selected their brand. Although the infection is still there,it was fully intrenched for 6 months before trying, along with blockages in the canals. I have worked for the last three weeks to break up the blockages with good results. The methods I have used along with this wonderful product have improved my breathing and, most surprisingly, my hearing as well. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is susceptable to sinus infections. I do follow the instructions and use it only for 10 days. I use other flushes and cleaning for another 10 days and then go back on the colloidal silver, each time getting further into the canals. Hopefully, this persistance will clear up the infection over time.


working for my husband

Reviewer1927983发表于 11月 29, 2009

but not as fast as he'd like.. so we also added oregano and olive leaf (from here on iherb) since they say 80% sinus infections are FUNGAL/mold..NOT bacterial(which is why antibiotics make them WORSE) so after adding those two his nose cleared LOTS im just a week.


Really opens up the sinuses

Reviewer2894352发表于 1月 02, 2008

This is a fantastic product. Started using after coming down with a major sinus infection. Cleared up the infection and opened up my sinuses so I could breathe all night. Great product.


Colloidal Silver , for treatment of sinusitis

Reviewer2570386发表于 4月 24, 2009

this product was hard to use because it burns the nasal passages


amazing product.

Reviewer1296247发表于 10月 02, 2012

My sinuses are ok but have rhinitis and 1 of 2 nights I can't sleep. My right nostril is usually blocked. I 've tried anything and didn't work. Only the drug "otrivin" worked, but it has bad chemicals and is unhealthy long term. This product SAVED ME!! I spray only my right nostril and after a few minutes I breath easily again! I will advertise it to any person I know with breathing problems!


Disappointed on recommendation for this product

Reviewer1533941发表于 10月 08, 2008

It is supposed to help with sinus infections and help lubricate tissues, etc. Instead, it dried out the membranes and caused an uncomfortable stuffy feeling. Not for me!! I plan on returning it. Thought it would work. Darn!! I now use a sinus wash with a plastic squeeze bottle and saline solution dissolved in it. Wonderful!


Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Reviewer1004434发表于 8月 12, 2008

I use at the first signs of a head cold and usually the symptoms never become full blown.



Reviewer2516915发表于 12月 06, 2006

In a matter of three days, my chronic sinusitis was totally under control by using Wellnees Source Naturals colloical silver nasal spray at the recommended usage. Wonderful! Thanks. M. Cummins


Must Try

Reviewer1514706发表于 12月 23, 2009

This stuff is great...works better than pharmaceutical brands and clears up the sinuses ASAP. Will purchase again.



Reviewer2863106发表于 4月 29, 2010

I use the spray inconjunction with the drinking Collidal Silver, I did not have to get on antibiotic like I usually do, I am very happy.


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