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Stevita Stevia Liquid Extract, 1.35 fl oz WEAK Sweetening properties

Reviewer3162622发表于 Feb 12, 2009

I made a big mistake buying this product. With other liquid stevia extract, the concentration of sweeting properties is higher. For example NuNaturals clear liquid stevia extract, 2 fl oz (59 ml) which has 200 mg of Stevia rebaudiana as opposed to Stevita, which has 15 mg per serving: thus you have to use spoonfuls as opposed to 5-10 drops to achieve the same sweetening properties. I got deceived by the 96% Steviosides listed in the product description thinking this was the concentration factor-It is not ! STAY AWAY from this product because if you want to return it Iherb WILL NOT refund your shipping cost. Found out the hard way.


Not delicious

Reviewer1408236发表于 Apr 26, 2012

This is not the best liquid stevia out there, by far. I've found that you need to use way too much to get the sweetening effect of other liquid stevia, but with the amount needed, it ends up coming with a bitterness. The lower price is NOT worth it. NuNaturals is much better!


Great sugar alternative

MandyEm发表于 Feb 01, 2013

low glycemic index and a few drops go a long way.


Excellant sweetener *****

Reviewer1532317发表于 Oct 27, 2008

I use this product in my hot drinks and it is a perfect substitute for sugar/honey, I have also used it as a sweetener in curries etc. No calories non- glycemic. And thank you Iherb for such quick shipping


Northwestern NC

Reviewer1645012发表于 Dec 22, 2008

Being Type I Diabetic since age 15 months of age, I have been through all sorts of sugar "substitutes" and lots of different Stevia products from powders, to Glycerin embodied stevia, to this Stevita brand. I have not found an easier to use, or better tasting stevia product yet and have used Stevita for several years now. I am glad Iherb carries it at a competitive price.



5741025187185306435发表于 May 04, 2014

So bitter! And you need to use so much more than other products.


Good value

4852821799296202288发表于 Feb 02, 2014

I used the smaller bottle before and I liked it. Than I found this one which is more liquid for less money. It is good for a family where need to use more of it. I even use it in my baking so it's good to have in larger amount.


Daily use of this product!

4671745251331939535发表于 May 20, 2016

We have cut out all refined sugars and we have been using stevia and honey as our "Go-to" sweeteners. This is one of the best!


Best product in the market!

5551927111050140858发表于 May 23, 2016

I have used this particular brand of stevia for quite some time and still consider it to be superior. However, the new shape and tip makes it difficult to control the flow.


Stevia Liquid Extract 100 ml

5012227318565497196发表于 Jun 23, 2012

I have found this to be a excellent product. I use it as a sugar substitute in coffee and porridge


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