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Reviewer2996280发表于 Mar 02, 2016

Why this is discontinued?


Good quality - but tastes awful!

5345294646809813017发表于 Jul 01, 2015

I bought this on the advice of someone whose nutritional advice I trust. I definitely feel the benefit of taking this, but I don't think the addition of peppermint does it any favours. I will keep buying it (even though it is expensive and tastes vile!)as I know it's really good for me.


Chef from Finland

5623532593671625387发表于 Mar 16, 2015

The best superfood what I have tasted.


Great taste!

5668485544216275247发表于 Nov 01, 2014

Great taste!


Can't decide

SavoringLife发表于 Sep 17, 2014

It seems to cause bloating instead of reducing it.


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Excellent value for money!

Reviewer1250159发表于 May 15, 2014

I´ve been taking Supergreens for a couple of weeks now and feel better already. Few days ago I began to have pimples for the first time in years and I think it´s the supergreens, which help my facial skin to cleanse. One of reviewers says, that Ormus supergreens contains gluten. As a gluten sensitive person I wanted to check this out and wrote to Sunwarrior customer service. They told, that if the product is packed in a box (new formula), then it is gluten free. If it´s packed in a bag, then it will contain traces of gluten.


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True Magic

4931358156472944962发表于 Dec 27, 2013

Ormus, monotomic gold, is absolutely amazing. My meditations are so vivid now. My health is way better and I feel more in tune with everything. Try it!


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Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

What makes this product special and different from other green drinks is that the greens are grown in volcanic soil hence it is rich in trace minerals that are commonly missing from diets and rich in phytonutrients (plants cannot produce enough of them if it is deficient in minerals). It also contains cultured greens, which is highly bioavailable, rich in probiotics, enzymes and other nutrients, as its first ingredient based on weight. The product is raw (no nutrients destroyed by heat) and organic (no pesticides etc) too. The powder is very fine and easy to mix with water alone. The peppermint and stevia combination is quite refreshing too. However, there is too much stevia added. Too much stevia daily does make feel a bit sick of the sweet taste after some time. To overcome the sweet taste, it is best to mix with other less sweetened green drink. Mixing with Amazing Green Chocolate is a pretty good choice since it’s not sweet. And you get to have a peppermint chocolate taste drink! The bag is pretty troublesome. Since it is impossible to avoid spilling some of the powder over the zip lock area, you will find that you can’t fully zip lock it after some time. Pricewise, this is quite reasonable and the taste can be a motivation for those who have problems drinking green drinks. I also find that it is purely greens only and does not contain with other ingredients like mushrooms, herbs, fruits etc. It would be nice to have an estimated numbers of probiotics but I don’t really mind. Check out my page for more reviews!


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great product. Click on my username for more reviews!

More-Special-Offers发表于 Jul 30, 2013

I think it's great. I was detoxing a lot lately and 've been feeling fatigue. After taking Supergreen for about 4 days, I feel the energy coming back to me, I definetely feel less tied, and somehow sleep better. The only thing I wish they'd do the one without stevia, because the taste of it it's just too much. I mixing it with celery juice and add ginger or even little garlic to "kill" off the stevia taste. I am not sure if I am going to buy it again, but only because of the taste. Please feel free to click "yes" if you find my review helpful for you. Best wishes


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Feeling lighter

rautavaara发表于 Jul 02, 2013

I bought this a month ago, and I take this with my protein shake after a work-out. Doesn't hurt...right :)


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