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Interesting flavor, but NOT coffee

Reviewer2706636发表于 Feb 24, 2012

This product, when used with your regular morning coffee, could be a good way to cut back on caffeine consumption, I suppose. But it only tastes "sort of" like coffee. The blend of flavors is interesting and by mixing 1/3 of this herbal 'coffee' with my regular morning blend it is an interesting change. By itself it tastes "healthy" but a coffee lover might not be pleased.


I don't like this at all

Umbridge发表于 May 10, 2010

I don't think this is a good substitute for people who enjoy the taste of a nice, strong coffee. Even trying to appreciate it on its own merits, not as a coffee substitute, I didn't like it. I won't be buying this again, which is a shame because I wanted to like it. If you like the ritual of coffee more than the flavour, I would suggest giving this a try if you want to give coffee up...but I really don't feel that it is a legitimate substitute.


love Teecino products!

Reviewer2922366发表于 Oct 20, 2008

Went looking for an alternative to coffee and Postum a year ago. Was delighted to discover the Teeccino products. We use the Java, Maya Caffe, and Mocha. Husband was a die-hard coffee addict but for health reasons needed to cut back on caffeine; I liked coffee-flavored Postum, but it was no longer available. This 'herbal coffee' has been an excellent find for us both. Very tasty. I like to add Torani's sugar free Irish Cream or Classic Hazelnut syrup, NuNaturals stevia, and milk; he simply prefers stevia and a little milk. A little goes a long way ~ 1 Tb per small coffee maker (though husband likes to make his a little stronger- 1.5 TB).


Teeccino "my not coffee" of choice

Reviewer2197671发表于 May 11, 2009

I like it okay, it doesn't really taste like coffee but it has a pleasant flavor and is satisfying as an afternoon hot beverage, if you are tired of hot tea. I gave up caffeine/real coffee about 3 months ago, because of the acid and it keeps me awake at night even if I don’t drink it after 12noon. I love coffee but I like sleeping and no acid on my stomach more than coffee. I have named teeccino as my “not coffee”! I will keep buying it. JRoss - Houston TX


Nothing like coffee

Chunkypeaches发表于 Jun 09, 2009

Title says it all: Tastes NOTHING like coffee. This tastes bitter, with an almost sickening sweet taste. I tried several cups, both hot and cold, to make sure. I give it one star for taste, one for convenience, and one for being healthy.


teeccino is definitely no coffee

Reviewer3202446发表于 May 06, 2012

I was hoping I could drink a coffee without experimenting the side effects of the coffee on my bladder (burning, infection) but forget about it ! The taste is not similar moreover it's sweet and I dislike coffee or tee with sugar.


Love This Alternative to Coffee

Reviewer2703051发表于 Nov 05, 2008

I've been drinking Teecino products for over a year since I developed a sensitivity to caffeine. It is the only satisfactory alternative to coffe that I've come across. I look forward to my morning cup evreyday


Does not taste at all like coffee

Reviewer1840838发表于 May 08, 2010

While this drink may please people for it's unique flavor, it DOES NOT taste at all like coffee. Therefore I could not recommend it as a coffee substitute. Will not be ordering it again.


I Love Teeccino!

Reviewer2272483发表于 Mar 05, 2010

I was a bit skeptical..did not believe Teeccino would actually taste just like coffee..but I was wrong, it really does! It is delicious and I do not have to worry about upset stomachs from acid.I have been a Seventhday Adventist Christian for 5 years now..so I appreciate the fact that it is caffeine free as we avoid caffeine due to its harmful effects on the body.It`s great to enjoy a tasty, hot drink in the winter months..I love it!


Stong taste

Reviewer2292722发表于 Nov 07, 2008

You can taste the almonds in it. It has a strong taste. My brother likes it and it's healthy too!


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