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Ultimate meal

Reviewer2862330发表于 Mar 10, 2010

Outstanding quality among meal replacements. However, it's not recommended for people who want "tastes good" more than nutrition; but, if the nutrition is most important then it's hard to find better.


Awesome, can be made yummy

Reviewer2624333发表于 Aug 14, 2012

This is not a fat filled desert smoothie mix. It is not candy. If you usually get your smoothies made at a smoothie bar, pass on this and buy a flavored whey mix. If you are seriously into your health, you will love this. I normally buy fresh greens, Kale, dandelion, spinach etc. and make my smoothies with alot of superfood additions, stevita, and a little fruit. This mix is great for quick, easy smoothies, perfect for the cottage/cabin, when I don't have fresh greens. I just made one that I split with my husband and he loved it. I used; Mix, 10 oz water, 4 ice cubes, 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries, spear frozen pineapple, 1/2 frozen banana, small handful frozen cranberries, 1 tsp. strawberry Stevita powder. You must drink this cold. There is a slight earthy under taste, but the berries and 1/2 banana fix that. The can gives clear directions. If you are adding the 1/2 cup blueberries that the can recommends the colour will turn purple. The company's website also gives recipe suggestions. Enjoy!


It works

5043323544812545845发表于 Nov 26, 2013

I have taken this a couple of time so far and it works. I didn't need a meal and felt good.


ultimate meal is awesome

5734513769953766896发表于 Nov 09, 2013

It satisfies your hunger, tastes great! It has everything you need to ensure you are getting your greens and proteins plus so much more!



Reviewer1723619发表于 Mar 03, 2012

Great product as I've said before - and even without trying I seem to lose weight naturally.


Reviewer3306156发表于 May 16, 2012

nasty but good product. dried coconut helped the taste tremendously.


The taste is impossible!

Reviewer2348333发表于 Apr 24, 2010

I am NO wimp when it comes to health foods. Juice spirulina, swallow clay by the teaspoon, take herbs by the teaspoon rather than capsules. And I imagine this stuff is super healthy. But the taste! Oh my the taste! Like sulphurous wind mixed with the worst of beans. I cannot manage it. Not regularly. In an emergency yest. But simply not do-able on a daily basis. And I am usually pretty brave with this sort of stuff. Maybe it would work if you mixed it with bananas and juice and stuff. But that is not the point for me. It is supposed to be healthy and convenient ALL ON ITS OWN. And all on its own, it is simply too unpleasant to drink. Yuk! Back to the spirulina, flax oil and clay.Yum by comparison.



Reviewer2180958发表于 Jan 19, 2009

I add a couple of teaspoons to my daily green juice for that extra rounded nutrition.


Very Good For your health!

Reviewer1315916发表于 Dec 25, 2010

Not only is this product good for you, Iherb also shipped in plenty of time before my other supply ran out. Thank goodness to. It makes me feel much better in my body. Thank you Iherb. I also love the price to!


Excellent meal replacement

5026147473259108956发表于 May 22, 2013

very good for meal replacement, could feel the benefit after a day or two using it


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