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Very healthy, but the taste needs improvement.

TrueReviews发表于 Nov 16, 2013

I bought it after reading the ravenous reviews about it. After a sip, I knew I had made a mistake. It is very healthy, but the taste is very.. challenging, to put it mildly! Fortunately my husband liked it and he finished the container. therefore, the 3 stars. A comparable product with better taste is Thorne Research, The Virgin Diet, All-In-One Shake. Click on my username for more reviews! If you thought that this review was helpful please feel free to press the 'yes' button.


The Best on the Market!

Reviewer1348695发表于 Oct 25, 2007

This shake has been a lifesaver and a figure saver for me. I have one every evening during the week. I sleep better because it is easier to digest than a heavy meal and more nutritious than a light one, I run better the next morning because of the slow acting carbs. It kills my cravings for unhealthful foods. Absolutely fantastic and worth the shipping and customs duties I had to pay to receive it here in the UK! Lucky people who live in the US and can just pick it up at their local Whole Foods.


This product is great!

5181235086486648387发表于 Feb 13, 2014

This product brought good results. I could tell that it was doing my body good. I felt better and also noticed my skin softened up. One thing I have a problem with is iHerb's price here. Normally the prices on this site are great, but for this it is too high. I will buy this product again, but not from Iherb.


Superb and satisfying

Reviewer3168693发表于 Dec 31, 2007

the Ultimate Meal is what I have been eating for dinner for the past 4 days. My lifelong habit has been to eat the largest meal of the day at dinner time, i.e. six o'clock or so. No matter what size breakfast and lunch I ate I was always ravenous at dinner time. The decision to eat a substantial breakfast, the medium lunch and the Ultimate Meal for dinner, with possibly a salad and/or a glass of soymilk was done as a last resort. No amount of dieting has moved the excess weight I have been carrying for over a year. So I ordered the product and tried it, skeptically. I have found that my day feels different. I enjoy my breakfast, I am okay with lunch and I love my drink in the evening. I really don't need a salad, I only ate some the first day. I only have 6 ounces of soy milk and not always. I have been remarkably surprised at how well I feel and how easily my body adjusted to it. I am good to go and have yet to wake up hungry. I intend to use it for a long time to come. Thank you Ultimate Meal.


Lost 15 pounds!

Reviewer1423684发表于 Jun 21, 2009

I LOVE this stuff! I have lupus and other health problems. This vegan meal replacement has changed my life. I am losing weight and gaining more energy. It is not a sweet smooth shake but blended with an overripe frozen quartered pear or frozen banana it is pleasant enough.


saving grace

Reviewer2047860发表于 Nov 18, 2007

My review is from a personal aspect as this product is one of kind life saver for me. Due to the condition of my liver the ingrediants in this product have all the properties that help it to function when its ability to function is very hampered.


Review of the Ultimate Meal

Reviewer1878587发表于 Jul 26, 2009

Consume this product every day before weight training for an hour. Never suffer from achiness after workouts. Perhaps due to all the antioxidants in this excellent product.


I am addicted to this stuff!

Reviewer3023434发表于 Oct 28, 2013

I have been using this for over a year now. I blend it up with frozen blueberries or cherries and have it before a workout. I'm never hungry later on late at night and being a type I diabetic love the low GI carbs and no hidden sugars. I also appreciate that it has everything you need in it to be healthy in one meal


Ultimate Meal

Reviewer2212261发表于 May 18, 2011

Boy this powder packs a big punch - in a good way. This product has performed just as described -my husband and I drink it in the morning and we easily run until lunch time with no thoughts of hunger or wanting "just a little something" to tied us over. We're almost out and I have to re-order very soon. Yes I would recommend it to anyone.


Not bad

5530465711219065484发表于 Nov 26, 2013

When I purchased the Ultimate meal, I really feared that I would trash the can half full due to many comments that pointed out how disgusting it is. I am happy to tell you that I ate all of it and if I had more I would have eaten more. Let's be honest, it is far from "Delicious" as stated on the canister, but it did not make me gag. The best way to eat it it's to use 2 ripped banana's instead of one and add an other fruit of your choice. Make sure to add enough water so it's still liquid. Did I feel beneficial effect ? It's hard to say. For me it was practical, fast and almost no dishes to clean (Only a blender).


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