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Very good so far

Reviewer1854340发表于 6月 24, 2013

I started off very slowly on this product because I was wary of possible die off effects. One cap once a day, then one cap twice a day, then one cap three times a day, then two caps once a day plus another one cap twice a day, etc. Now I'm up to two caps three times daily. Although I felt some side effects on the first two caps such as fatigue and mental fogginess, this only lasted a couple of days. I started on a weekend so that any die off effects would not interfere with my work schedule. So far the SF722 has been great. I have noticed greatly improved breathing and reduced mucus production (somehow my intestinal problems have affected sinuses and breathing) since starting SF722. And craving sweet food has disappeared. I'm also doing my best to support my liver, as another commenter mentioned, by drinking a cup of dandelion coffee (technically it's tea, but it tastes and smells almost exactly like coffee) each day, along with plenty of water. The dandelion has been a great help - I feel immediately better afterward. Plus I'm taking Intestive, acidophilus and digestive enzymes (animal-derived pancreatin, not mold-derived enzymes). So far it all seems to be working well together.



Reviewer2348333发表于 5月 05, 2013

Many, many times more effective than Caprylic acid. I believe it is something like 300x more concentrated - so don't bother taking ANYTHING with caprylic acid in - head straight for this product. Great value for what it is. Yes there may be a little die off to begin with, but that is how you know you finally have something that will really do the job. And, unlike so many other products - some of which do admittedly work such as oregano oil - there is NO negative effect on the other good flora and bacteria of the gut.



Reviewer1729995发表于 9月 01, 2011

I have the worst case of fungal candida in my blood. This is the ONLY product that WORKS! Not Capricin which is toxic, didn't help. YOU WONT REGRET IT... only when you go through die off stage of about 10 days. Start slowly to avoid heavy die off. Use something to support your liver as well for detoxification.


Saving grace

Reviewer2096966发表于 11月 26, 2011

Fantastic for chronic yeast infections, and related candida problems. I've tried everything, and this has saved me!


Thorne Research Knows

Reviewer3254322发表于 11月 03, 2011

I am always impressed with Thorne Research products. This product is exceptionally good for eradicating intestinal Candida overgrowth


Keeps systemic candida in check....

Reviewer2623040发表于 3月 18, 2010

I believe this works the best for Candida. I've tried other treatments and always come back to this formula. It's important to do the high intensity dosage of pills to begin with and then maintenance dosage afterwards.



Reviewer2296204发表于 9月 02, 2010

I'm taking this as part of my antifungal protocol as prescribed by a health practitioner along with oregano oil and candicid forte, it seems to be working and has improved my skin and eczema (in combination with a anti-fungal diet with consists of 6 months no starches, grains, fruits or sugars).


Kills Candida!

Reviewer2339325发表于 11月 05, 2010

I need to kill off the candida in my large intestine due to almost 3 years of antibiotics for lyme. Seems to be slowly working. No more diflucan for me....I have gone all natural. This is part of Buhner's protocol for killing candida.


Best product to heal from candida

5251118754835574387发表于 10月 28, 2014

It is an excellent product, the best to fight candida infection. Unlike other candida product, it doesn't kill the fungus, but takes it to its inoffensive yeast form. Of course, this product works only if you follow a proper anti-candida diet and use a lot of probiotics.


I love Thorne Research,

4782523585447708331发表于 7月 04, 2014

but you've got to be informed, or have a doctor who understands how to use these products. This must be used in conjunction with hydrochloric acid capsules, and you should take a berberine product too. If that's too complicated use their Undycen which has all three, and it sold at iHerb.


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