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4659712941436331637发表于 Dec 30, 2015

Good product but too expensive


The best K2, period

4943797960547833871发表于 Nov 03, 2015

Vitamin K2 works in conjunction with vitamin D, calcium and magnesium to build strong bones and teeth. It's also a crucial substance for making sure that calcium isn't deposited in your arteries (atherosclerosis) thereby helping to prevent heart disease and poor circulation. For men over 40 it's a great supplement to make sure that a certain part of the body keeps working the way you want it to, if you catch my drift… For menstruating women, it can help decrease excess bleeding. All in all, a key supplement for anyone wanting to improve their long term health. Update: I've now switched to Carlson Labs 5 mg capsules, which I find to be more effective and simpler to use.


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Vit k2 use - one month out

Reviewer1078720发表于 Jul 30, 2015

I began using the combination of 3 calcium tabs with sublingual 3 drops under the tongue of each: D3-1000 iu each, K2 (this product), and mixed multi B. Started off very conservative, only missed 3 days from July 1 to today, July 30. I didn't think much of it, and will be increasing the droplets under my tongue each month as I go, logging any changes. I did notice a change today: One of the nails on my right hand had grown abnormally since I was at least 17 yrs old. I will be 57 next month. So for forty years, this particular nail was flat with grooves on one side, and grew differently from the other side of the nail. So, today, I decided that I needed to do some regular maintenance on my nails, trimming and filing, and this time paid close attention. For the first time in 40 yrs, that nail has grown out so normal, that I had to look back and forth over and over between my hands to try and "remember" WHICH hand the odd nail was on. It is incredible! Looks normal! Some of the rough cuticle on the bad side is also softer. If I come across any more changes, if iherb will allow, I will post updates.


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Seems OK

4984616537312914456发表于 Jun 10, 2015

Tastes OK. Might be causing problems with my sleep. I am taking it on faith; 10-12 drops per day.


Exellent Quality

5711282285527396988发表于 May 30, 2015

I am Italian, so I had this vitamin shipped to Italy. I had no problem in receiving it and I am thankful to iHerb to offer such a great service. There's not really any alternative to Thorne Research Liquid Vitamin K2 in the whole world. It's the highest concentration with the best absorbability. I can't but recommend it! Keep up the the good job!


This really works!

Reviewer2357101发表于 Feb 10, 2015

Since taking only three to six drops a day for three weeks and I have definitely noticed a difference in how my teeth feel. I was feeling like my teeth wouldn't last another year, they seemed to need help and I has taking extra vitamin D and calcium. After adding this product, things are doing much much better. It recommends 15 drops but I'm getting by on three to six right now. I may increase it but for now, it's working great!


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Pure Vit K

MissyK发表于 Feb 06, 2015

Great quality vitamin K! No other useless ingredients or fillers. Great for people avoiding allergens or other harmful fillers. If you rub a drop onto a bruise it vanishes really quickly compared to bruise not treated with this vitamin k, so it visibly works! If you think my review was helpful, click YES below, go to my page to check out more reviews.


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This works for teeth and bones.

5398780319594170983发表于 Dec 15, 2014

I read several reviews of research indicating Mk4 was the element that reduced bone lose and fractures used in Japan. Several of my teeth were loose, four months later none of them were. I have been using this now for two years and will not stop unless I find something natural that I can be sure I get enough of the primary ingredient. Practically tasteless and easy to take.


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pleasant, tasteless

Reviewer1079528发表于 Nov 21, 2014

As a means of obtaining K2 it is certainly painless. Since the benefits are largely long term, I can't say whether it is the best source or not. I can say that it doesn't have that funny buttery flavor that the K2/D3 liquid has, and which I rather like.


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Don't be put off by the huge price tag

4989488107939230150发表于 Nov 20, 2014

I can't emphasize how important vitamin K2 is to our body. One of the main reason why I started taking K2 supplements is due to atherosclerosis(hardening of arteries walls), which can be caused by calcification of the arterial walls. Vitamin K2 is amazing simply because it can reverse the damage done by arterial calcification; vitamin K2 is used in Japan to treat severe arterial calcification. What K2 does is redirecting the calcium inside our body to the correct places ie bones instead of letting the calcium build up on the arterial walls. I can testify that after taking Thorne's vitamin K2, I felt so much better. I must admit that I am currently on a few supplements but the addition of this simply made me feel a whole lot of difference. Concerning the price tag, if you were to look at the nutrition label, each drop of liquid is worth 1mg of vitamin k2, and each bottle contains 1200 drops. Now for referencing, most vitamin K2 caps contain only 100mcg per caps. So basically just one drop of this is equivalent to 10 capsules worth of K2! My daily intake is around 9 drops, split into thrice daily(3x3drops). Something to note is that vitamin K2 does not stay long in the body so taking the dose throughout the day is actually much more beneficial for the body.


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