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Very good product

tallyway发表于 3月 04, 2012

Tastes and handles just like regular lasagne sheets. Very good gluten-free alternative when making delicious lasagne. Just note these sheets are fairly long so a larger pot is needed when boiling them. Only thing to pick on is on iHerb's side. I've ordered these twice now and both times the box has been a bit mangled with broken/some crushed pieces inside. So, to iHerb: Please make sure you wrap and pack these properly in the parcels to avoid breaking!


Poorly delivered

Reviewer2152649发表于 3月 10, 2013

The pasta itself tastes pretty good, maybe four stars worth. But the overall purchase experience left much to be desired. I ordered 4 boxes of Tinkyada lasagne over two shipments, and virtually every single lasagne noodle was damaged (many shattered into little bits) by remarkably unintelligent packaging - putting the pasta directly on the bottom of the carton without padding, with heavy bottles of liquid and supplements on top of it, also with no padding in-between. This would be a 1-star rating except iHerb was good about promptly refunding my credit card. Hopefully the shipping department will soon reach that level of service as well.


Just like regular pasta

Reviewer2500320发表于 6月 03, 2012

I'm so happy to have found these. When we went gluten free due to intolerances, I thought I could never have good pasta again. But this tastes exactly like regular al dente pasta, and I'll definitely buy more. I hope Tinkyada make other types of pasta as well, I'll go take a look right away!



Reviewer1143915发表于 7月 22, 2013

great gluten free lasagne sheets. I didnt precook the lasagne sheets, just put the lasagne together and baked 50mins in 200C. Covered the lasagne with foil after 30mins so the top will not burn,


Truly al dente

Reviewer1670267发表于 1月 13, 2013

Being quite health-conscious and wheat-intolerant, and having tried other gluten-free lasagna before, I am highly satisfied with this brown rice lasagna. My guests love Tinkyada lasagna sheets as much as I do. In fact, they prefer Tinkyada to wheat lasagna. The price is indeed good for the quality. I have one vital suggestion for the manufacturer, if I may, and that is to seal the box well (instead of being loose at both ends) and even to seal the lasagna sheets in a plastic bag first. The reasons are: hygiene, possible contamination with other gluten products, and the fact that I have bought the same Tinkyada before and the packets had many bugs in them and had to be thrown away. Thank goodness, the iHerb Tinkyada lasagna is very fresh, though one box came undone at one end.


Love this

Reviewer1988306发表于 4月 10, 2012

Great pasta!



Reviewer2774490发表于 5月 05, 2013

perfect! Makes a nice lasagna! really withstands overcooking... the noodles hold up well. I order this often!


Tinkyada Lasagne Noodles

4782868986597761729发表于 2月 02, 2014

Excellent texture, but as other wrote they did arrive broken. Not really big deal to me I just put them together like a puzzle.


Good, but room for improvement.

4613142442863848488发表于 11月 10, 2012

I like the taste of this lasagne and the fact it is wheat and gluten free, but I would be happier if it came pre-cooked; so you could just layer it into the dish and pop it in the oven to cook. It would save so much time and would be easier to use. That's the only negative I have to say about this product.


Exciting to finally find gluten-free Lasagne

Reviewer1458843发表于 9月 01, 2014

I haven't made this year but I am rating it high just because it exists!


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