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Zinc ricinoleate instead of aluminum

dav605发表于 2月 06, 2010

This is an effective deodorant, but not an anti-perspirant. No perfume but the lemongrass in it gives it a faint smell of citronella. A good choice for people avoiding aluminum. No B.O. at the end of the day. I rotate through deodorants with different active ingredients to prevent bacterial adaptation.


Excellent Deodorant. Might be harsh for some skin

Reviewer2529835发表于 7月 09, 2011

I have been using this for several months and I love it. I noticed that it took my skin a week or so to get used to it, but it is an amazing deodorant. For sensitive skin, Tom's of Maine, Natural Unscented Deodorant Stick is much more gentle, but the long-lasting formula really lasts all day.


As good as it gets

5285614467208764517发表于 9月 01, 2013

This is the second natural deodorant I've tried. I had an allergic reaction to the first one, while this one doesn't irritate my skin at all. In general, I don't find natural ones as effective as non-natural ones, but this one does its job as best as to be expected. It isn't sticky going on, I like that it's scent-less, and it keeps me fresh all day. (Not sure how it'll work if you're a sweaty type). I've gone running with this and it holds up okay. Never tried a marathon though! However I've noticed it doesn't quite work as well on really really hot, sticky days but it's still acceptable.


Does what it says

Reviewer1908266发表于 8月 01, 2011

We were uneasy about switching from antiperspirant to deodorant, but this Tom's of Maine product has surpassed our expectations. There are probably people for whom this wouldn't work, but both my husband and I have been very pleased with full odor control even during the beastly Texas summer.


Favorite Deodorant

Reviewer1316551发表于 6月 21, 2008

After trying many 'safe' deodorants, I have found this one to be most effective.


Found what i was searching for!

Reviewer3095845发表于 5月 09, 2012

I am allergic to all deodorants that have perfume and alcohol. It is very hard to find the ones that don't have both. I am happy to have found this one. No smell at all and it works great!


Good product

4924636139999126085发表于 6月 27, 2015

I tried Tom's years ago and it didn't work for me. My boyfriend loves this particular product though and it definitely works for him.


Poor Review

Reviewer1019741发表于 12月 23, 2007

Didn't protect all day.


Been using for years and have never needed anything else

MyMoneySavingTips发表于 12月 22, 2008

Don't understand the other post claiming that this didn't work for him. I've been using this deodorant for close to 10 years now, and it has always worked for me. There's no obvious deodorant smell, and most importantly it's aluminum free. It's very effective and a wonderful price for a long-lasting stick.


Family likes this one

Reviewer1333587发表于 2月 18, 2009

Unscented and it is long lasting.


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