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Reviewer1156534发表于 May 10, 2008

For the last 4 years I have been constipated and it is really awful. But thank God I have bump into your website I wanna thanks the people for taking their time to write a review. After reading the reviews on this tea I decided to give it a shot. I was really impress it does what it means. I have had frequent bowel movement since I am on this tea. No more blooded stomach. I take a cup every friday and it makes me go all week. Thanks Iherb for letting people to write their review and experience with your products.


Got diarrhea...

Reviewer2666123发表于 Oct 21, 2011

... and learned the hard way to ALWAYS read instructions. Of course, I had noticed the word "laxative" on the front, but drank two cups as it was just simple tea after all... Or so I thought. In my opinion this should be labeled more accurately - I think of this as medical treatment for constipation (and a very effective one, though!), but not tea as we know it.


Smooth Move

Reviewer2478083发表于 Dec 12, 2007

Works well, almost too well. Would suggest 1/2 cup to start.


definitely smooth

Reviewer2259175发表于 Oct 14, 2008

I bought this for the Burrough's Master Cleanse which requires an herbal laxative tea morning and night. I found this product to be effective, and it didn't cause cramping or any other unpleasant effects.


this stuff works

allieb发表于 Nov 28, 2008

Ok- if any of you out there have ever done the Colonix Intestinal Cleanse, you need to get this tea. This tea tastes EXACTLY like the Kleri Tea in the kit and works just the same at less than half the cost!!! It is soothing, has a pleasant taste, and mainly- it gets the job done without cramping. I add stevia and a cinnamon stick to it for my own personal taste. Try it!!!


A must!

Reviewer3328006发表于 Mar 03, 2009

I have had chronic constipation for 3 years now. This is the only product that makes me go consistantly. Other products work for a few days, then stop. I have been drinking this tea for a month now and can go every single day. I would recommend trying this product to anyone who suffers from constipation!


Great product

Reviewer1929771发表于 Jul 28, 2009

works like a charm, very subtle and gentle.


Best laxative tea I've tried

jnewbigging发表于 Jul 16, 2013

It never fails! No cramps, tastes very nice, does the job. If you're looking for some movement, I highly recommend this tea.


Smooth Move

5318745527842864920发表于 Sep 02, 2015

I use this tea at least 3 times a week to help keep me regular. It has a pleasant taste and works well the next day (I drink it at bedtime). Sometimes there's a little cramping, but not always.


Gentle but not as effective

4632480003130261039发表于 Jun 24, 2014

First of all, this totally reminds me of a Chinese herbal soup when i drink it. I am not sure if its the liquorice or other herbal blend, but it it just has this weird after taste on the throat. As i've mention, it is certainly very gentle, but i feel it isnt as effective as i though. Usually it takes me approx 6hrs to go, but with this i need a good 10-12hr to feel the urge to go.


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