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Lowered my HBP

Reviewer2954550发表于 1月 08, 2009

I hated the medication I was taking-Inderal. It made me sluggish, sleepy and depressed. I took a gamble and started taking the tea-3xs a day. My blood pressure went from 170/100 to 112/76. This took about three weeks to obtain these results. I do have a blood pressure monitor and I test it three times a day. I would never say not to listen to your doctor-but there are other ways to lower your HBP. I also take yoga and I am working on losing weight. You need to take a holistic approach.


A Life Saver

Reviewer1484591发表于 2月 11, 2010

I've been drinking this tea for a few months and I'm not sure how much it has contributed, but my doctor has taken me off my blood pressure meds. I will continue to drink this tea because I believe it is very beneficial and may be contributing to good blood pressure maintenance.


Lowering Blood pressure

Reviewer1451456发表于 1月 20, 2009

Pleasent to take and quite refreshing. Does seem to help as part of a regime to lower my blood pressure which is extremely difficult to control - even with doctor prescribed meds.


very good

Reviewer2493755发表于 4月 19, 2008

I bought this tea for my husband, who for the last month had his blood pressure 140/94. We didn't try any medication, just mistletoe tea, and for the last week this triple leaf tea and co enzyme Q10,and we could see result- his blood pressure is 128/80. We are happy that it work for us, and keeps us away from medicine


made me too horny

Reviewer1975162发表于 9月 23, 2010

this tea made me feel very calm and mellowed out except for the horny goat weed it made me feel too horny i didn;t much like that so i'll give a 3


Blood pressure from 180/95 to 145/82

Reviewer2943984发表于 11月 20, 2010

My husband tackled a high blood pressure problem for the last year (it probably existed before that). The Tripple Leaf Hypertense and now Blood Pressure teas have been part of a multi-faceted natural treatment approach with vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, accupuncture, exercise and diet. He opted for not taking any medications so far and his problem has improved dramatically. He achieved a 135/75 reading in six months and discontinued some of the elements of his therapy. His pressure is now 150/82 and we think that continued supplementation and diet are probably the key to any future success, part of which is the tea.


Triple Leaf Tea

Reviewer2985379发表于 12月 25, 2008

I am very happy with that herb tea. It really helps.



5414593404725255882发表于 9月 29, 2012

I like it, drink it about 1 month. I am not sure if it really lower BP, but I am more calm


Triple Leaf Tea, Blood Pressure

koala2发表于 5月 20, 2015

Finished 5 boxes no improvements of anything whatsoever,very disappointed



Reviewer1008175发表于 8月 01, 2016

1 cup before bedtime..... Sleep like a baby and wake up then straight to the bathroom.


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