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interesting digestive responce this time I used it.

Reviewer1610069发表于 Jan 08, 2011

I had used this product in the past with very good responce. This time around, I had a very immediate adverse responce to it, in the sence that immediately my body started releasing very smelly gas. Normally my gas does not smell bad, but this time it did... May be it did not acclimate to my body and the digestive pro-biotic bactreia got shocked and they surely did let me know immediately of their discontent. I will try a slower dosage approach.


okay product

Reviewer1255140发表于 Sep 30, 2010

Not the best tasting, but then again I have no other Brewer's yeast products to compare this to. My original intention of using this was to curb sugar cravings, but so far I can't say it works in regards to that. I will continue to take the product and see if I notice a difference. I would say it is worth a try, but you actually have to take it and not let it sit in the refrigerator unused, like I have.


clear your skin

Reviewer2060334发表于 Jan 03, 2008

This is a natural product to help clear you skin.


Experimenting with ridding dogs of ticks.

Reviewer2726232发表于 May 21, 2008

I am using this to help my dogs. They are experiencing a lot of ticks and I heard that Brewers Yeast helps. So far the dogs haven't been on it long enough to tell.


Twinlab Brewers Yeast

Reviewer3022082发表于 Jul 07, 2008

I use this product as a back-up whenevber I am out of the Lewis Lab brand. It would be great if you carried that brand too.


Twinlab Genuine Brewer's Yeast

Reviewer2179067发表于 Sep 13, 2008

I purchased this to give to my dog as I heard that Brewer's Yeast help keeps fleas away. I don't know if it works or not, but she sure loves the taste of it.


Funny, bitter smell and taste, sticks together, hard to mix in liquids

Reviewer2276479发表于 Aug 20, 2010

The taste and smell is funny and bitter. The powder is very fine and sticks together when mixed in liquid, and does not mix well. It is still too early to know about its effects for me. The product arrived promptly and is very well packaged.


Twinlab Genuine Brewers Yeast 18oz

Reviewer2784713发表于 Dec 23, 2010

I have had better brewers yeast in the past, meaning that it didn't seem to have the same effects, feeling of well being, niacin flush etc. It is very difficult to dissolve in water and prior to taking it I have to let it set for at least an hour and fall to the bottom of the glass before stirring. I may not feel that it's as adequate as other products I've had be that may just be me, results may vary etc... Will I buy it again, doubtfully, I will probably go with what I know and get the old style of yeast that works best for me, also I will more than likely get a flaked product next time.


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