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Good product

Reviewer3044751发表于 May 07, 2008

Clears my sinuses & bronchial airways effectively. Helps my liver function properly and so I feel less toxic. Took a week for my system to settle down though. First week had diarrhea, queasy tummy and cold symptoms as it began to do the job. Took activated charcoal capsules at night on empty stomach to clear it up. Feeling great now as it has improved my system nicely overall.


seems high quality

KentuckyWildcat发表于 Feb 07, 2012

The NAC had a definite odor when I opened the bottle, so it seemed very fresh. Plus, I like that Twinlab still packages their products in glass bottles. That is increasingly hard to find in this day and age.


Great liver detoxifier aid

Reviewer1264200发表于 May 27, 2009

Assists the liver in detoxifying as it is a precursor to l-glutathione. Noticed lessening of darkness around eyes, it's working!


liver and sinus treatment

Jeanne1974发表于 Jan 31, 2015

This does double duty in detoxing the liver and keeping the sinuses healthy.


NAC twinlab

Reviewer3118030发表于 Oct 30, 2011

good product helped my lung congestion


Have been taking

Reviewer2219729发表于 Sep 21, 2009

Soem thicker mucouc I get in the fall, often, is relieved.


good health

Reviewer3313951发表于 Jan 24, 2012

aminos have kept me from getting sick



5083341630479701874发表于 Oct 27, 2015

This stuff really works. I heard about NAC through my psychiatrist because even though I take medication in conjunction with all sorts of natural supplements, amino acids (including Dr Vera's Pre Gaba, which is a really great product but expensive), nutrition, meditation and exercise, I still have to take a lot of sleeping medication and my anxiety is still crippling. I tried it in a research trial but had to drop out because the dose of 2,000 mg a day just knocked me out so I decided to try it myself and experiment with the doses. This brand appealed to me because before I saw it on iherb I saw this advertised on another website as it has no fillers, binders or added ingredients which I was surprised it didn't say that on iherb as so many of the NAC products I looked at have added ingredients and this is one of the rarer ones that are just the amino acid. I've been trying it out, starting at 300mg morning and night and working my way up to 1,100 at night and still experimenting. I can sleep at night on the minimum medication now and my anxiety has gone down. I'm still waiting to see the effects on depression which was the subject of the NAC trial I participated in but this could potentially be a lifesaver for me. I've stopped taking the GABA as the NAC is pretty much doing the same thing and I'm saving myself a lot of money. Plus I read that it resets synapses in the brain that have been damaged by drug use which I used to be quite a heavy drug user. I am so glad that I stumbled across this product and this one in particular is working great. Another great side effect is I've noticed my skin is glowing as it's a powerful antioxidant and my bowels are moving regularly again. Really awesome product and great price. Can't wait to keep seeing the effects! UPDATE: This has been a life saver, however, perhaps my body is getting used to the effects and I've found that I've had to take up to 5000mg a day, the extra mostly at night, so I am adding another brand of NAC, the Jarrow Formula 500mg caps to my night time routine and to save on money. I've found however, that this brand is a really good starter brand and I've taken it now for at least a year. I had no issues with brain fogginess or anything, but I've needed to add the Jarrow for night time and I've found I can cut down on sleeping medication. Still experimenting.


Longtime user satisfied

Reviewer1509306发表于 Jan 01, 2011

This is a repeat order of many times. We swear by Twinlab NAC and have recommended it to others who have found it helpful in cases of COPD. iHerb's service is commendable, too.


customer from Poland

Reviewer1628051发表于 Apr 18, 2011

good product


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