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Great Product!

Reviewer2661328发表于 1月 08, 2008

I mix flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, cod liver oil and olive oil for a healthy, balanced way of getting Omega fatty acids in our diet and our pets diets. Healthy oils are cold pressed which of course these are. Supplement your pets diets with these oils, minced garlic and rosemary for beautiful skin and coats.


Omega 3's

Reviewer2860583发表于 5月 02, 2009

Excellent source of omega 3 and vit D. No fishy taste or aftertaste and easy to take. Refridgerate opened bottle for freshness and to improve taste. I prefer unflavored to the flavored which tend to have a higher viscosity and not as easy to swallow. Strange that mental image of health-producing qualities make me like the taste.


Plain and simple

Reviewer3155457发表于 4月 04, 2009

We have tried other "flavors" and come back to this. The price is great. It is simple and unadulterated. The flavored ones end up having a fishy aftertaste which defeats the purpose in my opinion. Might as well just take it and expect it to taste a tad fishy since it comes from a fish! Mixing it into orange juice is nice too.


Who would have thought...

Reviewer2473872发表于 4月 06, 2008

Not expecting any noticeable effects, you can imagine my surprise and delight to experience a 90% reduction in pain and stiffness, in my hands, after just 3 days! Later I noticed an increase in my energy level. Wish I had known about this years ago!


Great Service

Reviewer2232488发表于 9月 14, 2008

I ordered 3 bottles of cod liver oil. They arrived on time but in a damaged box. Upon opening the box I found the plastic bag containing the bottles to be slightly awash in cod liver oil. I called customer service to register the problem. Your rep asked me to go into the bag and see which bottle(s) were damaged. I found that 2 of the bottles had loose caps but due to the mess I could not immediately tell which bottle had leaked. Your rep. said she would send out 2 bottles. Now I have never ordered from you before and I doubted I would see these 2 bottles as my order was for only 3. But they arrived on time and in fine shape. I did find that the 2 bottles with loose caps had seals that were not applied correctly and did not touch the bottles except for less than 1/4 of the top. Your quality of service and concern for your customers has not gone unnoticed. I am now a loyal customer and have told many of my friends about you. Thank you


A good buy.

Reviewer1679571发表于 9月 28, 2009

I bought this product because I am not good at swallowing pills and I thought it was simpler and nicer without soft gel capsules. As some other people mentioned, it has fish flavor, off course, but I think it's not that strong. It's just a teaspoon full a day, so It's fine for me. Though I usually eat a little piece of chocolate right after taking this oil :)


Plastic bottle :(

Reviewer2414278发表于 9月 19, 2008

For this reason alone I won't be buying this oil again. I just don't accept that plastic is a good way to store oil. I'm disappointed because otherwise I'm a big fan of Twinlab products. This oil really has a completely neutral flavor; it contains very decent amounts of EPA/DHA (most CLOs don't) together with the expected Vit A & D. Shame about the bottle material!



Reviewer2989883发表于 6月 03, 2008

I always used the Carlson oil but was not to impressed with the fishy taste .I tried the Twinlab and was pleasantly surprised with the taste. No lemon flavor no fish taste. If you drink it in Orange juice you will not detect the flavor. For me its a no brainer. More oil for less money same benefits


Excellent Product, Great Value

Reviewer2193642发表于 4月 08, 2010

I take fish oil to help with relieving depression. I ran out of my usual capsules, and thought I'd try regular unflavored fish oil since I don't mind the taste, and thought it would taste better than fruit flavored fish. *grin* Not only is it less expensive, but I feel that the oil works better for me than the capsules. I recommend this product.


Good Buy

Reviewer2295564发表于 5月 13, 2009

I feed this to my dogs, they love it! I use the flavored kind. This is a good product...best buy for the money.


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