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Reviewer3244905发表于 2月 16, 2012

Be careful to brew it as the directions say unless you want to have severe stomach pain... You can tell it works because if you eat unhealthy food it makes you feel like your stomach is going to die, and if you eat healthy food you feel fine for the most part.


Funciona una maravilla!

Reviewer1425421发表于 9月 23, 2013

Compré estas bolsitas pensando que no funcionarían y no ha sido así. Hay que tener cuidado cuando os las toméis ya que os puede dar un poco de diarrea. Impide la absorción de las grasas y también provoca movimientos en el intestino... Vamos, que por menos de nada os vais por la patilla xD A mí me gustan, los fines de semana (o cuando veo que voy a estar en casita), lo tomo con agua caliente y a las 6 horas noto su efecto. Os notaréis desinfladas... Si queréis ver más opiniones animaros a pasar por mi blog: www.iherbmania.blogspot.com



5228955206050293749发表于 2月 25, 2014

Brilliant product. Take in the morning if you work as by the time you get home around 5 or 6 pm you will need the bathroom. Keeps you regular. Have lost 2 kg in two weeks but not sure if it's from the tea or through healthy eating. Definitely helping though.


great product

4746758483470544570发表于 4月 26, 2014

i use this to stop getting bloated and keep me regular. Wouldnt use more than one tea bag a day but it is great for cleansing the system on a daily basis.


Great tea!

4854468546671021058发表于 7月 20, 2014

Like what a lot of other reviewer's have said, I would not take this more than once a day. It's suuuper effective. I take one bag and let it seep for about 3 mins in 26oz of water and put in the fridge so it gets nice and cold and I'll drink it through out the day, along with my regular amount of water. By the next morning I'll go to the bathroom a few times while I'm getting ready just to clear everything out, but it's nothing disastrous haha. It has a very nice light flavor, I like to add a little honey so that's something I appreciated. Also can't beat the price! This is a tea that is great to have around, I will reorder for sure. Happy cleansing!



Reviewer2915199发表于 5月 23, 2015

Tehokas vatsantoimittaja. Ei kannata ylittää yhtä teepussia/päivä.


It works,cleanse organism

5006113561154147513发表于 8月 06, 2014

Although the instruction is to drink three cups a day, everyone commented that does not need more than 1 cup, and I can definitely confirm that. It is quite strong. I make myself a cup of hot water with one tea bag which I leave it sit for a maximum of 5 minutes, pull out the bag, I leave to cool down and drink tea before bedtime. In the morning I have a couple of walks to the bathroom and cleansing of the organism. As for cramps, I had them just the first day, when I was cleaning the strongest, other days further is quite normal but effectively and regularly


TRES efficace

Lyllow发表于 2月 23, 2015

Fait son boulot trop bien même. Composition simple (mauve crépue et feuille de Senné) Attention si vous avez les intestins fragiles/sensibles car le senne est un laxatif puissant donc si vous laissez infuser plus des 3 minutes recommandées, gare à la diarrhée et aux crampes abdominales... Cette infusion a le même gout que le thé Les 3 ballerines (mauve crépue, feuille de thé vert et feuille de Senné) sauf que ce modèle ci est une infusion, il n'y a donc pas de thé vert dans la composition. Si vous recherchez le thé les 3 ballerines, le thé vert en moins, c'est ce modèle qu'il vous faut. Le produit fonctionne bien car après l'avoir consommé si vous mangez des cochonneries (malbouffe, aliments anti nutritionnel très sucrés...) vous avez directement très mal au ventre et diarrhées horribles. Si vous mangez sainement (légumes, féculents, viande maigre/poisson) votre estomac ne réagit pas du tout (pas de diarrhées) et vous n'avez aucune douleur.


Very good!

5023303481082840466发表于 11月 22, 2013

Best product in this area!


Very good product :)

4727701842418164311发表于 5月 12, 2014

I have been using this product for a while now and its working fine.


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