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Nice Aroma Tea

alvinlky发表于 Oct 03, 2013

Its aroma taste great and tea lover will love it and at a affordable price.


Uncle Lee's tea White tea bags

Reviewer3044941发表于 Apr 28, 2010

Love these tea bags They make a refreshing cup of tea without the tannin. I occasionally have another brand of white tea and find it bitter in comparison


Uncle Lee's tea

Reviewer2377988发表于 Dec 27, 2010

This is a tasty blend of white tea at the very good value for the price.



Reviewer3348909发表于 Mar 23, 2010

It's really good... Yum ! A very good antioxidant, and 50% more antioxidants than green tea. Less caffeine too :) Thank you.


Uncle Lee's Tea

Reviewer2648241发表于 May 23, 2011

Good product at a great price.


Excellent taste & benefits & improved natural packaging over small box!

PurplePegasus发表于 Mar 13, 2014

This box comes in a complete shrink wrap, which is great for safety reasons! It opens horizontally, like a coffret, and is very well presented, all tea bags perfectly lined up in two East-West rows. The box itself is very glossy, makes for a gorgeous gift. However these tea bags, unlike the small box that came in a sealed foil, now come individually protected in minimalistic white paper with little print in green, loosely sealed, that is both easier to open and appears to be toxin-free. I was delighted to find no metal stapler in these tea bags either. Just sealed and the little string A major improvement. The tea is always excellent, well recommended by most famous natural medicine doctors, both on visual media and online. It is said to be alkaline forming and I love a bowl upon rising to keep my system filled with much needed electrolytes that my body doesn't keep well at all due to multiple organ dysfunction, particularly during sleep. TIP: unlike green tea, which quickly turns bitter if I steep it longer than roughly 64 seconds, this one can tolerate more steeping without the taste going into undrinkable. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do, and your friends might be impressed with the gorgeous, glossy coffret and surprisingly plain and natural looking individual bags. Minimalism always impresses those of us folks who are into organic and natural foods for health reasons; and it's much better for the environment as well! (No more foil touching my tea, yay!) :)


Great tea at a great price!

Reviewer1166875发表于 Jul 18, 2011

Very mild, pleasant tasting white tea. It doesn't have too much caffeine and no mercury which green tea is known to have. I drink two to three cups a day and enjoy it.


white tea bags

Reviewer1651973发表于 May 08, 2011

I drink one of these every morning - my first tea of the day. They are not my favourite white tea bags, but value for money they are the best - incredible price. If you want something reasonable, then these are good, if you want to spoil yourself, then you need to spend a bit more.


Very Nice Flavor, Brews Well

Reviewer1995652发表于 Jan 26, 2011

These are single-section tea bags, not flow-through. You may want to use 2 if you like strong tea. They are individually packaged, but only in lightweight paper. All-in-all though, these appear to be a great value in an organic white tea for us tea lovers.


Value for money!

Reviewer2074040发表于 Jan 22, 2009

It is not top-grade white tea for sure, but it is really value for money and I really like it!


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