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Great Taste! - Helps with Dieting

Reviewer2442510发表于 Oct 24, 2012

Thank you iHerb! I requested for this product. Great price too! This is a dark tea with smooth and flavorful taste, which is kind of similar to Oolong Tea, but much richer. My favorite after meal tea. It takes a long time to make it through multiple fermenting processes. My experience is that it helps suppress hunger sensation. When I drink it after meal, I feel very satisfied, so I won't eat more, and won't be hungry so soon. It is said to break down fat in GI and reduce cholesterol, and subsequently help lose weight. You are supposed to drink it about 30 min-1 hr after each meal; especially after a rich meal, and that is what Chinese people do. I can't speak for dieters as I am not drinking it for that purpose. But I believe it can help. For that purpose, I recommend that you look it up on the Internet for details because there is much said on that. Enjoy it!


Best Pu-er Tea that I have ever tasted

Reviewer1438643发表于 Nov 18, 2012

This is the best Pu-erh Tea that I have ever tasted. The flavor of the tea is very good and the fact that it is organic makes it premium. Take note though that this is a Chinese tea and it is best taken without sugar. The Chinese take it after dinner to get rid of the greasiness in the food which is typical of Chinese meals.


Pu-erh tea

5220747457368506681发表于 Mar 04, 2014

Great for a morning tea!


I love Pu-erh!

Reviewer1231257发表于 Jun 10, 2014

This may be my favorite tea so I well understand why, during ancient times, it was reserved only for royalty! Isn't it nuts how consistent that has happened with the "good stuff?" Yes, this time is also a rejuvenation drink! It is fantastic for first thing in the AM! I begin each day with it!


Mi té rojo de confianza

gl0bulinas发表于 Aug 05, 2014

Me encanta el te rojo. De todos los que hay en iherb, este es el que siempre se viene conmigo. Tiene una muy buena relación calidad precio, está riquísimo y es muy sano. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?


me gusta mucho

5144142184971572945发表于 Feb 18, 2016

te rojo muy rico ya lo he comprado varias veces


Mediocre tea

Reviewer3257094发表于 Feb 06, 2016

I don't see anything special about this tea. It tastes like dirt. I'm not saying it is not healthy, but the taste is overrated around here. I will not repurchase.


Uncle Lee's organic pu-erh tea

4915408194290932743发表于 Mar 26, 2016

This tea has a strong caffeine effect, but that is all. It has a thin flavour. It does not have the rich, earthy, satisfying flavour of a pu-erh tea. It does not have the reddish-brown colour (or "liquor") of true pu-erh tea. Nor does it provide any of the health benefits. It is very expensive. I suspect it is not pu-erh tea at all. Just watery black tea. [I much prefer Just A Leaf organic pu-erh tea. Much better price, top quality, 1/4 tsp. can be used to make three cups, one after the other, each steeped for at least 8-10 mins. Improves digestion, focus, alertness, energy levels, stamina]........but back to Uncle Lee's tea: I would not buy this again. I THINK IT IS A RIP-OFF. BUYER BEWARE! REAL PU-ERH TEA IS MUCH, MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!


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