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Did not like the taste, and tested high in arsenic

5636599324888301262发表于 Jul 15, 2014

I was excited to get Green Vibrance because I needed a whole food supplement in powder form, and I finally found one that was supposed to be good on many levels. However, I couldn't get past the taste. I just really really did not like it. Yes, it's a green product, but I'm just being honest in my review here. I wouldn't buy it again just because of the taste. I also found out today when looking for something with a different flavor, that studies showed that Green Vibrance tested very high in arsenic, reaching above the allowed safe level.


Green Vibrance lives up to it's name!

5042742982632338059发表于 Jul 21, 2012

After only 1 week of using this product I felt a noticeable differece. I have more energy, am more alert and am feeling more upbeat and positive. This is my first time trying a product like this. I have always used the standard over the counter vitamins with whatever medications my doctors prescribe for my asthmatic condition and my mild depression. I am so glad my friend told me about these amazing products and encourage others to try them!!


high energy stuff

Reviewer1335006发表于 Jul 31, 2012

Great product at a great price. I add a teaspoonful to my morning drink and get all sorts of green benefits and probiotic essentials. I especially like products like this in winter when fresh greens are harder to come by. Seems to be high quality.



Reviewer3119843发表于 Oct 11, 2012

As someone low in fruit and vegie diet. this stuff helped save my life!!!!


I love this green powder

proinnseas发表于 Mar 15, 2014

It tastes so good and easy to take with water. I also mix little bit Now Foods Vitamin C Crystals with it.


Increases my energy

Reviewer1486887发表于 Mar 23, 2011

I like this formula, it increases my energy immediately and my skin has improved. Not as unpleasantly grassy tasting as other formulas, actually have grown to like the taste.


Vibrant ----- certainly!

Reviewer3068504发表于 Jun 13, 2011

I have purchased this product many times and send it to my daughter and her baby as well. I like it better than any other green products because of contents (probiotics included) and price. I will continue to purchse this.


Green Vibrance

Reviewer1815616发表于 Dec 02, 2011

Excellent product.Give me alot of energy.



4884755814315189135发表于 Oct 04, 2014

Im 33 years old . An Asian woman. I used to have problems with waking up in the morning, no energy, muscles so hurt and weak. I have been tried many products of vitamin c or co Q10 and so on , there were no feedback since my age got to be 33rd . Its seem like my body stop to work on all vitamin i took. Then i found Green Vibrance , just tried it as i bought for detoxing my body and nothing to lose anyway. After a week i found out my body getting more energy back. And YES iam losing weight ! Even i didnt change my eating stlye. I mixed Green powder with apple juice in the morning before meal 30minutes. I dont limited my food, still eat what i want, but my weight is going down, that's the great bonus of this product.


I Recommend this Product

Reviewer3038570发表于 Jul 08, 2016

This is a Product I will not allow to run out of. Excellent and I do mean Excellent. So very Beneficial in one's Health.


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