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Organic Molasses

Reviewer2411072发表于 Dec 09, 2011

Excellent flavor and I appreciate that it is organic. Assume this company would use BPA-free bottles. It's not a real big worry to me that it's not glass, but glass would be preferred.


really tasty

Reviewer1733144发表于 Jun 18, 2012

i would only prefer to bottle made from something else than plastic!


Really Good - Love That It Is Organic & Will Buy Again!

Reviewer3305855发表于 Jun 04, 2012

I contacted Wholesome Sweeteners and yes, all of the plastic containers used by Wholesome Sweeteners are 100% recyclable, and BPA Free. I can't wait to make some baked goods using this molasses. I did do a taste test and it may be a bit less sweet than what I am use to and possibly a bit thicker but still very good! My boss who is a chiropractor/nutritionist tells many of his patients to go get some organic molasses as it has an anti-stiffness factor in it.


High in Potassium/Iron

Reviewer3177524发表于 Dec 30, 2011

I was having daily leg/calf cramps despite taking multi-vitamins, eating bananas, drinking lots of water. After doing some research I decided to try molasses. A took a tablespoon every morning and my leg cramps disappeared. They just started reappearing when I stopped. I am convinced this helps. My shipment came with out any issues.


Disappointed with Organic Molasses packaging

Reviewer1547907发表于 Aug 30, 2011

Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc., Organic Molasses This complaint is not about the product but about the packaging. I am grateful the item was placed in a separate plastic bag, but as it was not firmly taped down, the molasses leaked into the bag. I had ordered another bottle, the outside of the bottle was taped down round the cap and it arrived in perfect condition. Also, the seal inside the molasses bottle has metal bits that stick to the bottle after being pealed off and those foil chippings get poured out with the molasses; unbelievable for an organic product that one takes for health purposes. Please note, the bottle may not have leaked if the inner seal was properly attached (manufacturer, pls try not to use sticky foil in future). Often, when I get a new bottle the inner seal is not completely attached. So I guess this is something that can be highlighted to the manufacturer as well. May resort to trying another brand.


Staple :)

thatswhatshesaid发表于 Jul 05, 2013

I'm glad I discovered this. It's terrific.


Unsatisfied with the delivery

5533973855579802476发表于 Oct 09, 2014

When I opened the container with my orders from iherb, this one had leaked out in the box and smeared onto the other products. Maybe it will be ok if you buy this one separately, in case iherb then packs it better, but together with other stuff, there is a risk of getting the product home in a damaged state..


I love this stuff....

5069979623904612260发表于 Oct 10, 2013

I bought this stuff two times. It gives me energy. I take it once or twice a day. I made sure to have enough of a supply, so I wouldn't run out quickly.


Good choice

Reviewer3163437发表于 Oct 18, 2011

A better, nutritious choice for adding sweetness to various treats, from waffles to smoothies, instead of using sugar or even honey.


Good stuff.

Reviewer1747422发表于 Oct 21, 2013

If I'm ever craving something sweet, I can just take a spoonful of this and I'm good :)


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