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Best Tuna!

khessel发表于 7月 25, 2012

I love tuna, it is a very convenient and tasty high protein meal. However, I am usually weary of eating too much of it because of the high mercury content. Species of fish at the top of the food chain contain more concentrated levels of mercury because of bioaccumulation. The skipjack tuna is a smaller species of tuna that contains the lowest level of mercury out of the tuna species. Wild Planet also practices "sustainable fishing", which is important to me. I have not been able to find this product in South Korea, so I am pleased that it is available on iherb. (Side note: I did notice that the label on the can does not currently say the packaging is BPA free. I looked this up on their website, and apparently it was recently removed. There is a letter posted by the president of the company that explains why they cannot make a BPA free claim at this time because of low levels detected in the fish, but not the can. He says they are working on this issue.)



Reviewer2223897发表于 8月 25, 2011

This is like tuna I've never had! I don't know what I've been eating all these years. The tuna was meaty not at all like sawdust and the juice was super flavor and didn't make the tuna squishy. A great buy. I wanted to try one can before I committed to a case, which I'm doing now! iHerb was great, too. My package was shipped within six hours!


Love the taste

Reviewer2941431发表于 2月 09, 2012

I never thought that tuna without olive oil could be anything but bland. This product has proven me wrong. I mix it with some real olive oil, creme fraiche, and balsamic vinegar, and it becomes a taste sensation.


this is great

Reviewer2894756发表于 7月 28, 2012

I live in Korea and this tuna is so much better than the stuff I can get here. And the cans are the closest to bpa free that's possible. I order this tuna all the time.


Love it!

Reviewer3137441发表于 3月 12, 2014

Lowest mercury levels, responsible harvesting and great taste. it's sold in shisegae department stores in korea for over 14 dollars a can! thanks iherb!


Best tuna in a can

Reviewer3325005发表于 7月 06, 2013

This is the best you could expect for tuna in a can...a nice fresh pink/red natural tuna color indicating the tuna has been carefully heated (not overcooked)...the quantity is solid and ample with minimal water content (i.e. not flaky and watery)...when you open the can you can see this is real quality natural tuna...the taste is great and you feel you're eating a nutritious food...i feel great whenever i eat this...it's a regular purchase...i only wish it was available in a bpa free container!


Good texture and BPA free.

carrie发表于 5月 09, 2012

This tuna is really tasty and at a much better price than the supermarket. The texture is much firmer than the usual weird textured, mushy stuff that you get in a can and it's BPA free, sustainably sourced, and smaller fish are used meaning lower mercury levels. Great choice all around for canned tuna!


Good tuna

Reviewer1401721发表于 10月 25, 2013

The taste is way better than other commercial tuna, but it is not amazing compared to fresh fish. The price is high but it is sustainably caught and BPA free so I am willing to pay...


Yummy tuna

Reviewer1151144发表于 1月 19, 2014

I prefer salmon, but this is still very yummy :)


The best

Reviewer2362604发表于 7月 16, 2013

My favorite canned tuna at a great price


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