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Seems to help

Reviewer1177983发表于 Jun 23, 2009

I bought this to help boost my thyroid function. Although tests ordered by my doctor did not indicate any problem, a number of factors, plus results from basal temperature measurements, convinced me that I was dealing with hypothyroidism as I pass through menopause. After using this product for about two weeks as directed on the bottle, I have noticed a definite increase in energy and stamina. And it's much less costly than prescriptions, even with health insurance. So far, so good!



Reviewer2432853发表于 Feb 02, 2008

I have noticed that my hair is starting to grow in although I have only been on the product for a couple weeks.


Great Stealth Iodine

BeautifulDreamer发表于 May 06, 2009

This liquid kelp is colorless and has no discernable flavor. I put this into our family's "ice water" in the fridge so whenever someone drinks water, there's some bonus iodine included and no one's the wiser. I wish this came in bigger bottles!


Practically Life Saving For Hashimoto's Disease

4909907440754977342发表于 Nov 13, 2012

If you have Hashimoto's disease, you have to use liquid kelp for the knee pain. If you are not sure about Hashimoto's disease and you have pain on the side of your knee....try it. It just might be the answer. I take 2 - 1/2 droppers dull of Liqui-Kelp and my pain is gone is less than 1 minute. My doctor cannot explain it but it does work. My Mom recently found out she has Hashimoto's disease and it takes her knee pain away too. Try it...it works!


No taste

Reviewer2834180发表于 Jul 20, 2010

There is no taste to this product. Easy to take because I just drop it in water & drank every day. I gave it 5 stars because of this. You have no way of knowing if it is working. I just believe it is.


great way to get more iodine

Reviewer1499622发表于 Jan 25, 2012

I have an under-active thyroid and my doc recommended kelp (for iodine). If you need more iodine and can't stand the taste of kelp, or if you hate the idea of adding yet another pill to your daily regimen, this stuff is a fabulous way to effortlessly boost your iodine levels. I can detect no taste at all (even in plain water), and neither could my very picky husband when I added some to his water without telling him.


Effective product.

Reviewer3244249发表于 Feb 17, 2008

Got a friend started taking liquid kelp for her thyroid. Said she was sluggish and tired a lot. Turned out her thyroid must have needed iodine as she said that since she started taking this product she now has a lot more energy. Other similar products I'm sure work well but this one is also a good value. And in this form it seems to get into the body better than kelp powder.


No Brain-Fade but feel sluggish by mid afternoon

Reviewer2251071发表于 Oct 22, 2012

I add a few drops of this Liquid Kelp to water I sip over the course of the day as opposed to having tried other brands of iodine drops administered under my tongue. Those were rough on me at times, sent me off the wall. However, I notice my energy still wanes by mid afternoon. Trying to address sluggish thyroid problem. Maybe its a combination like my mid 50s age and the extra weight I have, poor diet health issues. At least I don't suffer bouts of brain-fade which is the reason why I need iodine daily for thyroid support. I reckon my thyroid is being helped using Liqui-Kelp. Another thing is - for what its worth, I avoid eating foods with garlic ingredient although I do enjoy an Indian curry as a once-in-a-while treat. No, I'm not religious. I wanted to do something about the lingering brain-fade spells I was experiencing. Scary situation to be in. Through a process of dietary elimination I worked out that eating garlic diminished my ability to connect the dots. Best wishes on your journey managing your personal health.


Iodine Found Naturally

Reviewer3097011发表于 Jan 27, 2008

Liqui-Kelp provides a convenient form of drops for adding into drinks like tea and water.


Stops breast pain quickly

Reviewer3239514发表于 Feb 12, 2009

easy to take. I took it with natural sources raw thyroid and natural bio, thyroid support


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