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My new favorite cookbook!

Reviewer1631637发表于 1月 24, 2011 | 已验证购买

I LOVE this cookbook! I have made several of the recipes already and they turned out so good! The chocolate chip cookies were chewy and moist and wonderful... even with no eggs! And so easy to make, too. The Banana cake with Coconut Frosting turned out great too! I am SO glad I bought this cookbook, I have already recommended it to several people!


The Best Gluten-Free Cookbook Ever!

Reviewer1043520发表于 4月 24, 2010 | 已验证购买

I borrowed this book from a friend and made a couple of recipes from it and fell in love with the it. I have been on a gluten-free diet for two years now and have been very disappointed with the quality and taste of any of the gluten-free foods on the market. I am now excited about cooking and eating again; that is how good these recipes are!


some recipes okay

Reviewer1935766发表于 4月 09, 2010 | 已验证购买

These recipes do not include eggs which is nice for people with allergies. However, the texture and stability of the end product is not always good and tends to fall apart or be too dense. She also uses TONS of agave syrup which I love but this and the almond flour result in very expensive baked goods.


Overall better than expected!

Reviewer1377618发表于 2月 05, 2011 | 已验证购买

Though the recipes themselves are not stellar for flavor, the basic principles and ideas to build on are GREAT. I received much more than I hoped in this book, and will augment the flavors according to our family's taste. (My guess is that the author was writing a book for the basics, and the recipes and information contained in it open all kinds of doors for flavor experimentation.) Highly recommended.


excellent book

Reviewer2716110发表于 2月 02, 2011 | 已验证购买

This is a lifesaver! so many great recipies that are easy to make and taste like 'normal' really yummy food. A must have for anyone ommitting grains from their diet.


Very nice

holahola发表于 2月 09, 2011 | 已验证购买

Very inspiring book! But I miss more pictures, its not that fun with a book with almost no pitures.


Купила в паре с миндальной мукой

Reviewer1810872发表于 11月 05, 2012 | 已验证购买

Книга о безглютеновой выпечке. Купила ради интереса, потому что не представляла что делать с миндальной мукой. На пакете с мукой оказалось аж два рецепта, но книга тоже пригодилась. В ней не только десерты, но и горячие блюда, где миндальная мука используется, к примеру, как панировка. Кстати, в принципе можно использовать рецепты из книги для обычной муки, я так пекла кекс с цуккини, получилось очень вкусно. Но! Во многих рецептах присутствуют другие экзотические для жителя России составляющие, на айхербе представлены частично. Англоговорящим - рекомендую!


Wonderful Recipes!

AnnaLL发表于 4月 25, 2013 | 已验证购买

Wonderful Recipes! I was a great help to have when I started out using almond flour :) Be sure to buy almond flour and not almond meal with this book. And measuring cups (they sell some on iherb) if you live in europe, it's SO much easier than converting every single recipe!!!



HeidiT发表于 3月 11, 2011 | 已验证购买

I like the variety of recipes in this book, but was a little annoyed to find that the author doesn't use sugar but other substitutes like agave. (I usually replace it with regular syrup or sugar with a bit of water.) I also use my own home-ground unblanched almonds instead of almond flour.


Tried the Cupcakes

Reviewer1597829发表于 5月 14, 2010 | 已验证购买

I got this cookbook from iHerb at a great price and shipped quickly! The cookbook is small but has a lot of recipes that look really good. I decided to try the cupcakes. Messed it up a little, I forgot to put the wet ingredients into the egg yolk before adding the whipped egg white. But even adding it afterward and gently folding it in worked ok. I also did not follow the directions exactly. I whipped up the egg white first because I know you don't want any fat from the egg yolks in them or they won't whip up good. So I did the egg whites, then the egg yolk and added the rest of the ingredients. I also used olive oil instead of the grapeseed oil. It says it makes 10 cupcakes but mine made 12 good size ones. As an afterthought, I sprinkled on a few chocolate chips before they baked. Supposed to be 20 to 30 minutes baking time but mine seemed to be browning too quickly. I took them out at 15 minutes and tested one. It needed to go back in so I turned down the heat from 350 to 325 and left them five more minutes. Turned out great! Very tasty! I had two and so did my mother. I looked up the calories by ingredient and the amounts in the recipe. 216 calories each, almond flour is 145 calories per 1/4 cup. The agave is 480 calories for the recipe. The almond flour has mostly healthy fat, protein and fiber. I'm going to look for a recipe using stevia for the sweetener. The cookbook has recipes that aren't considered deserts, like salmon burgers and turkey burgers. Due to the expense of the ingredients, I wouldn't bake like this all the time but once in a while for a treat I think it's fine. I recommend the cookbook and I highly recommend getting it from iHerb!


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