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Scottishdave发表于 6月 22, 2016 | 已验证购买

Best chaga I have tried. I have tried aloha brand and it was good but this has something extra special, I found it very grounding and relaxing on first dose of 3 capsules. Better than resihi. UPDATE 27/02/15 Product no longer contains magnesium stearate. Rice Hull Extract, certified organic non-GMO maize starch only.


Great stuff and brand!

Reviewer1232431发表于 6月 21, 2012 | 已验证购买

I just got this Chaga, and so far so good. I like it. It has seemed to help my skin and mind after just a couple of days. This brand is the real deal, too. Buy it!


Great product!

Reviewer1427633发表于 8月 03, 2013 | 已验证购买

My husband feel much better after chemotherapy using this amazing product! Highly recommend for increase your immune system!


Amazing, good for digestiion problems due to post-surgery intestine adhesion

Reviewer1275776发表于 12月 01, 2016 | 已验证购买

After a series of laparotomy surgeries, I have suffered from serious side effects due to intestine adhesion. Over the past years, I have tried VERY HARD to lessen digestion problems. None of the prescription drugs or digestive pills were found useless. Neither were various enzymes or probiotics products from iHerb. Recently, I bought this wild Siberian Chaga just for immunity enhancement purpose, and started taking one pill a day. In just a few days, my digestion had begun to improve ... for the first time ever! Well, this chaga hasn't solved the problem, but appear to improve my intestine health - at least a little. Now, I can 'breathe' after meals, spending less time to let the food inside go down through my intestine. Thank you God.


You actually get 450mg

5668863833670029247发表于 3月 21, 2016 | 已验证购买

Jing substance that optimises your immune system. P.S please click the yes button if you found this review helpful. Love you. Thank you!


Качественный продукт

KRASOTA发表于 1月 30, 2014 | 已验证购买

В качестве профилактики рака рекомендую пропивать курс по 1-2 упаковке 1-2 раза в год. Чага – березовый черный гриб принадлежащий семейству трутовиковых, развивается в виде нароста на стволах берез. Экстракт этого гриба - бифунгин, применяется для лечения некоторых заболеваний желудка и кишечника, как общеукрепляющее, а так же, как симптоматическое средство улучшающее состояние больных, страдающих злокачественными опухолями. Будьте красивыми и здоровыми! Заходите ко мне на страницу и узнайте больше о пользе и качестве других товаров. Если мой отзыв Вам интересен, нажмите, пожалуйста, внизу "YES"


product now contains magnesium stearate

Reviewer2663390发表于 3月 06, 2014 | 已验证购买

I try to avoid nutritional supplements that contain stearates, including magnesium stearate, because these additives have been shown to reduce the bioavailability of the supplement by as much as 60%, and the stearates are trans fats that may also have significant negative health consequences. So I always check the "other ingredients" carefully before I purchase a product. In the case of Dragon Herbs Wild Siberian Chaga, I did my usual due diligence and was satisfied by the statements on both the iHerb website and the Dragon Herbs website that the only "other ingredients" were the vegetarian capsule and rice powder. So I ordered the product. But when the product arrived today, I noticed that the "other ingredients" listed on the label on the bottle included magnesium stearate in addition to the capsule and the rice powder. Dragon Herbs has recently begun adding magnesium stearate to this product. The bottle label has been updated to state this, but as of today the information available online has not been updated. I am returning the bottles I purchased because I don't want the magnesium stearate and I was not informed of its presence before I made my purchase.



4931920682076429503发表于 11月 29, 2012 | 已验证购买

Only been taking a short time but I am already starting to feel the difference - combine with Super Jing & Pearl Shen - I take at different times of day and Im already feeling the effects it is having on my hormones


One of my top herbs

4910192149788704135发表于 3月 01, 2017 | 已验证购买

I've been trying all sorts of TCM herbs etc and this one shines for me. The effect can be described as being very humble while still feeling high in positive energy, I feel an increase in my general senses also. I take this along with Reishi and never fall sick, recently I was the only person in the office to not catch the cold going around. If you have issues with focus, memory, high testosterone or temper issues, depression/anxiety or just being overwhelmed with life stresses, this will be one of the best supplements you'll find. Also if you play sports or do anything competitive in nature, you'll want a Jing supplement to go with this as the humble nature it creates will make you noncompetitive


great so far

Reviewer2172723发表于 6月 07, 2012 | 已验证购买

I feel good but am also taking other stuff. I feel this is important for health and researched for the best quality chaga, but cant notice a specific immediate change, but that is not uncommon. These have more of an effect over time. Love the company


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