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Best Parasite Killer I Ever Used

Reviewer2936190发表于 4月 06, 2008 | 已验证购买

I wanted to make sure every single parasite inside was terminated, so I used this wonder product, and the results were amazing. When the vicious microscopic beasts started dying in huge numbers, there was a little scare, which went quickly away. I felt like I was entering a new age of renewed vitality with little fuel to burn. Now I need only small amounts of food to sustain an intense physical and mental stress, as compared to a fivefold volume in the past. I would recommend this wonder product to anyone.


средство от глистов

LDJ478发表于 4月 12, 2013 | 已验证购买

Думаю,что периодически это должен пить каждый человек,особенно когда в доме животные.Средство хорошее,самое главное действует!!!Будем брать ещё и только здесь.


It works

Reviewer2292722发表于 10月 11, 2008 | 已验证购买

My brothr and I use it in the battle against candida and parasites. They say when you have candida, you might have parasites to. The first day my brother took it, he really had a detox affect. He didn't feel very well. But that's the prove it works! We take 3 pills a day. 1 bottle is anough to fiht parasites. But if you want to attack the candida, you can use it longer. But we are going to take Artemisin only instead of this product. But this product is great to use once a while to get rid of your parasites...


Very Effective

Reviewer2309416发表于 8月 25, 2009 | 已验证购买

Seriously considering hospitalization, ordered this and there has been significant healing and relief. So happy to have found this here


Works Great!

Reviewer2611231发表于 7月 04, 2009 | 已验证购买

I work with very sick dogs and cats in a shelter situation. I constantly have IBS symptoms. My symptoms have cleared up using this product. Every morning I use Now Foods, Fresh Green Black Walnut, Wormwood and cloves extract in my coffee. I hope I do not have any other problems but if I do I have a second bottle of Eclectic Institute, Intestinal Support on hand!!


Excellent product, fast shipping!

Reviewer2829650发表于 5月 28, 2009 | 已验证购买

Great value for the price. It is so difficult to find a black walnut/wormwood/clove complex without all the other herbs so often added to such parasite-cleansing compounds. Thus this product is suitable for use by animals as well as humans... a fantastic product!


Superior Product

Reviewer3253416发表于 10月 12, 2007 | 已验证购买

I love Eclectic Institutes product line because it is totally free of fillers and it is a pure product. Intestinal Support is an excellent support for the gastro and I find it extremely effective.


No Itchie Bum

Reviewer1663253发表于 4月 11, 2011 | 已验证购买

This definately works. Haven't viewed the results in the toilet pan but can definately say it is nice not to have an itchy bum in bed at night.


Black Walnut and Wormwood

Reviewer2144919发表于 4月 25, 2009 | 已验证购买

Bitter taste but it's work wonderful, I feel much better.


Awesome stuff!

Reviewer2582844发表于 5月 01, 2010 | 已验证购买

This stuff is great. I wish they made bigger bottles or gave you more in it. But I love this. It helped me a lot. I saw a difference in a day. Works good with like products! I will, no, I MUST buy again!


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