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Terrible new product

Reviewer1996421发表于 12月 28, 2013 | 已验证购买

Have been told that the complete Stevia product was in the past mixed and put together by one person who has left his company,and did not reveal the formular that he was using in the past.Recieved a 5lb bage on the 24th of December.My wife and I have been drinking the same coffee and using NuStevia for 5 or 6 years. This new stuff is terrible.No sweet taste at all and the price went sky high. Can't understand why the new product wasn't tried out and confirmed before it was pushed out to the public. Buyer Beware!!!!!



Reviewer1073445发表于 9月 30, 2008 | 已验证购买

This product would be perfect if not for the addition of maltodextrin.


Forced scarcity

Reviewer1510247发表于 11月 02, 2013 | 已验证购买

Price has skyrocketed over the last few months. For the longest time I paid about $45 per 5lb bag from iHerb. Five pound bags no longer available, except at the NuNaturals website, and at an outrageous price (over $1 an oz). Suspect, in light of Stevia becoming more widely popular, NuNaturals is forcing the price way up by fabricating scarcity. The Stevia plant is no more scarce now then it has been in the past. No legitimate reason for the price to have doubled in the last year. Do not buy from NuNaturals.


must be all maltodextrin :/ pretty sure they left the stevia out of mine

Reviewer2034836发表于 1月 23, 2014 | 已验证购买

I have been buying this for a couple of years now and the one I just received is just AWFUL. NO TASTE at all, not sweet, nothing. 5lb and 60 bucks down the drain. I will not make that mistake again. I am not sure what NuNatural has done to this but it is ruined.....I just got this order Jan. 2014



4960338516797861213发表于 2月 08, 2013 | 已验证购买



The sweetest diabetic friend I know with no extra calories consumed to go.

Reviewer1617534发表于 10月 12, 2008 | 已验证购买

I recommend this sugar alternative hands down. It does what it's described will do. It is bitter free, natural, calorie free, twice the strength of sugar cane so half the strength of other sugar substitutes is used and it is so easy to use in my baking and cooking. I can substitute the sugar in any recipe I have chosen so far. It doesn't take long to learn what dose is required when using it in preparation of any recipe. Because I have diabetes in the family I know I am at risk myself so finding a product like this the "Stevia" in a Powdered concentrate is already to use. It is not only affordable but a far healthier choice in comparison to the others which are linked to cancer causing agents used to process the substitues. But the best thing of all for me is I don't have to forego my yummy sweet treats and it tastes soo good. Thankyou


Great value!

Reviewer1893840发表于 8月 16, 2008 | 已验证购买

I use this NuNaturals stevia almost exlusively instead of sugar. This is a great value in a 5 pound bag. It is the same Non-bitter, zero calorie powder sold in 4oz and 12 oz sizes.



Reviewer3327654发表于 12月 15, 2013 | 已验证购买

軽度の糖尿病の為、2年前から砂糖の代わりに使用しております。今ではこの味がとても気に行っております。使用量によりますが、苦みがなくとても美味しいです。料理にもココア、コーヒー等にもふんだんに使っております。特に5 lbsですのでいつも安心です。そして言いたいのは日本に比べて価格が安い。日本では5~6倍程度します。この商品は人気があるのか、在庫無しが結構ありますので、いつも十分の余裕を見て購入しております。我が家ではもうなくてはならない甘味料です。


Not good at all!!!!!

Reviewer1582339发表于 5月 20, 2014 | 已验证购买

I have used nunaturals stevia for 5 years and have loved it. I would not even consider the price if the product was the same. But it is not sweet. I have to use 4 times the amount and it is still not sweet. I have always loved that is was not bitter and that remains the same. Why spend the money though if it does not sweeten. That is the purpose of buying stevia is to sweeten. I would definitely stay away until they improve the quality. Bring back the good stuff.


NuStevia is the best!

Reviewer2034421发表于 6月 21, 2010 | 已验证购买

We have tried so many stevia brands and NuStevia tastes the best. I have recommended it to many, and they love it! My family makes lemonade everyday with it. I am so glad we are switching to stevia instead of sugar or calorie free sweeteners.


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