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Life-Changing and Fantastic for MCS

Reviewer1907976发表于 3月 26, 2009 | 已验证购买

I started using this last spring. It changed my life in connection with addressing MCS symptoms. First, it gave me more energy; it eliminated pain; and started healing areas of former traumas. My chemical sensitivities also reduced. There was a herx reaction with it, but I just kept taking in and that subsided by two weeks and was gone totally after a month.


my favorate supplement ever

Reviewer1161469发表于 12月 26, 2007 | 已验证购买

please continue to make fibroboost available in a reasonable price. it has made a very positive change in me- better sleep and much better mood all day long. so far, it's saving me from the dangers and side effects of anti depression and anxiety drugs. a trmendous product.


Fibro-boost rocks

Reviewer3081383发表于 6月 03, 2008 | 已验证购买

This product worked immediately for the issue I wanted to control, pain and stiffness from fibromyalgia. As an added bonus, my cholesterol went down 20 points within a month and I have a steady energy level all day - feel like I am 30 again!


It's working for my fibromyalgia!

Reviewer1027523发表于 6月 11, 2007 | 已验证购买

At least, I've been taking it for two months, along with accupuncture treatments, and I feel 100% better! My fingernails are growing faster, and so is my hair. I'll keep taking it for all the other benefits unless someone does a study saying none of it works. It can't hurt!


I don't have Fibromyalgia

Reviewer1465605发表于 9月 19, 2008 | 已验证购买

I have every symptom except that I have nerve damage. I have Cervical Disc Radiculopathy from 4 ruptured cervical discs. With that said, I see some improvement in my pain management. I can manage to see my Chiropractor every 2 weeks instead of weekly. I will continue to use this product.



Reviewer3054071发表于 7月 24, 2013 | 已验证购买

I just noticed the warning that this product contains LEAD and that it crosses the brain barrier. I'm wondering why anyone would purposefully ingest lead.


Great for Fibromyalgia!!

hordal发表于 7月 14, 2012 | 已验证购买

I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years, I don't take any prescription medication for pain, recently more pain than normal, so I started taking one tablet in the morning, within 10 minutes I don't have any pain (upper back & neck). Felt better the first day I took FibroBoost, if you have FIBROMYALGIA, please do yourself a favour and try this product, it beats taking prescription medication (remember dosages will vary amongst individuals for desired results). Other benefits that I have noticed are, clearer mind, better memory, better sense of well being, calmness, better night time sleep and better energy during the day. All these benefits from one product you can't go wrong!


Fibroboost reduces joint inflamation

Reviewer2516207发表于 10月 28, 2009 | 已验证购买

I bought this as a super antioxidant. As with many vitamins you don't feel any benifit, or so I thought. I ran out of the first batch and my damaged sacro-iliac joint pain started up again. I had order more anyway and the inflamation vanished when I started taking it again. I have ran out 4 time now and each time the inflamation returns. Fibroboost is now perminantly on my vitamin order list. I give it to the dog too for her hips. The capsules pull apart and it desolves in her water.


Great Product.

Reviewer1026258发表于 12月 13, 2007 | 已验证购买

Great product. Very strong anti oxident. Reduces excess mucous that I have due to allergies as a positive side affect. Reduces inflamation. 100% natural.



Reviewer1502240发表于 1月 09, 2009 | 已验证购买

I received these 4 Martin Pall products on 25.12.08 and took them according to his recommendations. ie gradually building up until I was taking all of them by 6.1.09. In the last few days I know I am feeling a lot better despite a lot of emotional trauma. Fatigue is less, brain fog disappearing, pain is less, I think post exertional malaise improving, I think sleep is improving. A longer trial needed for absolute confirmation of the above. Thank you Dr Pall and Allergy Research Group.


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